Anderson Cooper Tears Apart Dallas Anchor Offended by Michael Sam NFL Draft Kiss.

“To Amy Kushnir’s argument that nobody shows football players kissing their wives or girlfriends, that’s simply not true and I don’t think she’s being honest when she wouldn’t want to see that either,” Cooper said during the segment (above). “If you’re uncomfortable seeing some kind of affection… why not just say that and leave the excuses about why you’re uncomfortable where they belong: on ‘The Ridiculist.’”

Just saw this. I can SORT OF understand his point—if you don’t approve of the “act,” admit it-----but still----if she did, she would have had her throat ripped out by him and the most ofthe rest of the MSM anyway. One cannot win. If you don’t agree with the “main narrative,” you are an inhuman homophobic person who derserves to be shamed.

Sad and predictable.


He’s right. But of course, if she admitted the truth, she’d be crucified. The truth is that same-sex relationships are not equivalent or healthy. This is why its okay for a heterosexual couple to show some affection (though certainly even here some things are out of line), while it is not okay to see same-sex affection publicly. One you swallow that they are equal, you must accept it equality in all things.

Anderson Cooper is right that it is ridiculous, but not because it was pushed in the face of children, but that the anchor though children would be at home watching day three of the draft!

It would be simple enough just to give the opinion that it was sickening to her and let it go at that.


If she had said that, (Like I said before), she would have been publicly shamed by GLAAD and/or the MSM>

So you see, she was in a no-win situation.

As always for people with beliefs difeerent thatn the “mainstream.”:shrug::shrug:

Obviously she’s not allowed to say that she finds video of two guys kissing, with the video being repeated over and over, rather offensive.

It is clear that in a short while, those who believe that homosexual relations are sinful will face the iron fist of hate speech laws. It is the left whose actions and words are hateful and intolerant, not us. :slight_smile:

I agree totally. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

He was completely right. And if she’s going to be on TV deriding someone else, she should, at the very least, have the integrity to be honest about why. Good for Mr. Cooper!

Dolphin player who reacted negatively to the public display of disordered sexual behavior was fined and
Sent to reeducation camp.

Who cares! Why are we talking about this on a Catholic forum. I think if we focus on our own behavior and actions we’d have a much better world. Help the poor, give to charity, don’t judge - that’s not up to us or the Church.

Just abandon the culture to evil.? That most certainly is not what the Church teaches

I don’t there’s there is a lot of trust on here with the American mainstream media. Their attacks against conservative and orthodox Catholics is well-documented.

My guess is that Cooper knew he could take this and run with it, and it sounds like he did.

Sent to re-education camp! Yep, that’s where we’re headed. All Catholics will soon have to go to re-education camp just for accepting Catholic teaching! Freedom of speech is allowed, but re-education camp may be required by Big Brother for unacceptable speech.

I’m glad he did. It’s a lie that’s often repeated by anti gay people, and it was good that it was called out on national television. There can’t be a “dialogue” if one side is starting off with a lie.

:rolleyes: Freedom of speech doesn’t have anything to do with this. The first amendment does not guarantee that others won’t find what you say to be offensive and immoral. You can say what you want, but others are free to choose their actions in response.

You want to be in the NFL and provide negative commentary on someone who was just drafted by the league? Fine, the government can’t punish you. But that doesn’t stop the NFL from making their standards clear and requiring that you adhere to them to be affiliated.

Free speech refers to government actions only.

Which, that she’s uncomfortable with PDA in general?

Nor when one side stars of with the lie that those who disagree with them are bigots. The truth is those pointing out the sinfulness of such behavior are the only ones in the discussion who have the best interests of the homosexuals in mind.

You’re right. He’s got freedom of speech. But he still has to go to re-education camp!

I’m picturing little Johnny coming home from second grade one day soon and advising his mom that he has to go to re-education camp for expressing some wrong opinions.

[Edit: Or maybe not. Maybe second grade and all of elementary school already IS re-education camp!]

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