"Andi Mack," anyone?


Check out this piece.


How is this a first? There were openly gay characters in “Beauty and the Beast” (live action), “Good Luck Charlie”, “Gravity Falls”, and “Star vs The Forces of Evil”, and lots of ambiguously gay characters in other works.


Don’t forget the gay antelope couple who lives next door to Judy in Zootopia, or the trading post proprietor with his husband and kids in the hottub in Frozen! Or the schoolbus in Cars 3.

I agree. Andi Mack isn’t a first gay Disney character… but it may be one of the first coming out stories?


Thank you kindly.

I’ve had Disney blocked off my nephew’s tablet thing for a while. Now I’ve filtered out that name. He only has an hour per day to it, thank God. I’d throw the thing away if it were up to me.


What I found particularly ugly, is they brought on some really top notch writers for this project (if you’ve ever suffered through a typical Disney sit-com, well, feel free to offer it up), the first season, which I watched, was very sweet and well written. So, not only is this plot line a total bait and switch, it’s also a very pointed middle finger at anyone with traditional values.


It’s troubling when organizations are targeting kids. At least when it was only the domain of shows for adults, you could hope adults had the maturity to agree or disagree with what they saw. That’s not the case with shows for kids. They are being brainwashed at a young age. Parents have much more work to do these days to raise good kids. There is very little wholesome entertainment on TV.


I thought the main character Andi Mack would be gay. Andi Mack gave more of ABC Family/Free Form. It seemed a little dramatic for disney.


While I am not against homosexuality, I am against discussing these topics at an age where it may not be appropriate to do so. I think that perhaps a show that focuses on coming out would best be suited for teens and most definitely not young children, and not Disney. I wouldn’t be able to say which network though given how overly-liberal everything has become.


It’s technically the first openly gay character Disney had, the rest didn’t come out and say that they were gay, it’s more of hidden (something the kids won’t catch). Besides Good Luck Charlie, although the gay parents weren’t really important people and were just put there to score some sjw/political points


Check this out.


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