Andrea Mitchell Inadvertently Admits Double Standard at MSNBC: Chuck Todd Remains Silent

UPDATE On Wednesday morning, Chuck Todd played the audio of Obama’s speech from 1998 on his show The Daily Rundown, 4 hours before appearing on Andrea Mitchell Reports who refused to play the clip for “authenticity” reasons.”


MSNBC exposed their bias when, during their broadcasting of the Republican Convention, they used Al Sharpton as their commentator!

:rotfl: Indeed!

I am wondering when the “Democracy with a small d” speech will hit the air.

Must be election time.

We should have these every year. Keeps everyone busy and defensive.

I’m not defending him but his (edited?) words were “…some distribution because I actually believe in redistribution at least at a certain level to make sure everybody’s got a shot…”

That one is not nearly as bad as he one I posted. Citing his father and mothers will and speaking about collectivism s a replacement for our form of government.

The full context of this speech isnt nearly as damaging as the media has portrayed…

Msnbc is awful

I missed when it got any coverage, or even a tenth of Romney’s speech. Can you point to this negative coverage it is getting?

But taxation has been around since 1914 (if not before). It implies redistribution of something or other and as far as I know only Ron Paul has wanted to abolish taxes altogether.

Please don’t start threads about commentators, they are paid to be controversial, and what they say is seldom news.

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