Andrew Puzder, Trump's labor secretary pick, withdraws from consideration


Andrew Puzder, Donald Trump’s controversial choice to run the Department of Labor, has withdrawn his nomination as questions about his byzantine business interests, details about his acrimonious divorce and revelations that he employed an undocumented immigrant as a housekeeper have mounted.

Puzder’s nomination was ultimately felled by Republicans, who grew increasingly concerned about the restaurant executive’s background and business record.

One wonders if Trump’s administration will be any better at vetting immigrants than vetting candidates for cabinet posts.



Ditto Flynn


Carl’s Jr. wasn’t always a bad company. It became bad under Puzder.

The company and its founder [Carl Karcher] grew even more estranged in recent years when Carl’s Jr., seeking to woo a younger male clientele, launched a series of ads that included a scantily clad Paris Hilton washing a car and Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner, surrounded by beautiful women, expounding on the advantages of being able to enjoy a different variety of hamburger every night of the week.

In happier years, Karcher had appeared in the chain’s ads himself, cutting a grandfatherly figure as he stood alongside the smiling Carl’s Jr. “Happy Star” logo.
From the beginning, Karcher wanted to appeal to a slightly higher-end customer who would pay a little more for quality fast food. Some of his restaurants had carpeting and allowed customers to have their orders delivered to their table.

Karcher was also among the first to pick up on America’s growing interest in healthier fast food, introducing grilled chicken sandwiches and salad bars.
[Karcher] was reviled by abortion rights activists for his contributions to anti-abortion groups and his oft-repeated story about talking a Carl’s Jr. employee out of an abortion.
When the burger chain began running its racy TV ads, the Rev. Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral said Karcher was “just heartbroken that a company he founded on Christian principles has taken such an amoral act.”

Puzder and Trump do make great pals.


This is good news. I hope the next nominee will be a true advocate for working people, but I don’t see much on which to base that hope.


I was reading a news article on the decision of Puzder to withdraw from his opportunity to be labor secretary and the following stuck me:

1: A number of years ago its was no big deal to have an illegal immigrant doing domestic duties in your house. This was not limited to high rollers but to middle class families hiring a person to do once weekly house cleaning duties. This practice even got in what some people consider an erosion of jobs the teenagers used to perform now are performed by illegal immigrants.

No repercussions were applied to businesses (until a few years ago) and none were applied against the middle class. This sudden shock and shame is only aimed at high end people. To me this is class envy as practiced by the Obama administration.

2: The media’s claim of domestic violence as claimed by the former wife in her domestic violence by Puzder was shown to be a legal ploy by her divorce lawyers in order get a bigger settlement. The wife admitted to this years ago and has been completely ignored because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

This is a political lynching and the left has jumped on board as they tried to do with Clarence Thomas years ago.

I’m so sick of both the political infighting in Washington and the politicalization of the news that it is disgusting. We don’t have cross party discussions and can’t trust the media to get a story right.


If I recall, the Obama administration had several cabinet nominees that didn’t get past confirmation. Tom Daschle’s withdrawal over taxes and Bill Richardson’s over a “pay to play” scandal come to mind. I think Bill Clinton had the same problem with Attorney General, having his first 2 nominees withdrawal.


Personally, I think Puzder’s divorce accusation are probably nothing. That’s the kind of thing people throw around in divorces.

But I do have problems with his having hired an illegal, if he knew about it. We can’t be clamoring, as some do, for the prosecution of companies that hire illegals then let it go for an individual.

It is puzzling, though, to see those who support illegal immigration going after a man who did exactly what they espouse.

  1. Any person in the United States who has hired someone on a regular basis and not reported them at least on a 1099 has not been paying attention to the last 20+ years of their lives. Check out NannyGate reporting from 1993.

  2. It is possible that the former Mrs Puzder recanted her story after she was told she would not get any settlement if she did not recant. However, the divorce filings were sealed just this month, so your guess is as good as anyone’s.

The political infighting in Washington has been going on since the late 1700’s. It will continue to go on until there is no Washington (which I hope is a long long long way off). The right does it as much as the left. It is what people who want power do. And rule #1 when you are caught, blame the media, not the person who did the wrong doing.


Zoe Baird 1993. The number is > 24.

The media’s claim of domestic violence as claimed by the former wife in her domestic violence by Puzder was shown to be a legal ploy by her divorce lawyers in order get a bigger settlement. The wife admitted to this years ago and has been completely ignored because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

:confused: The wife was on Oprah, repeating the story. You may be thinking of Trump’s first wife withdrawing her charge of rape.


How many withdrawals did Obama have when he was choosing his cabinet?


:rotfl: This is hilarious!
Itsobamasfault, and complaining about political infighting in the same post! I love it!:rotfl:

I agree that infighting is ridiculous. Democrats and Republicans are so closely identical.


It’s always different when a Republican is in the office,don’t you know?:wink:


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