Android App for the daily mass readings needed


I’m sure that there are many in the market. If anybody is using one, can he/she recommend?


I use Laudate. It has several other good features as well.


Yes, do try Laudate. It’s very good.


This app not only has the daily readings but also the Liturgy of the Hours and a lot more. I learned about this from a Monsignor that is a close friend to my sponsor - he said he’s not bothered to carry his Breviary with him for quite some time now since he found this app… got-to-love an old priest that stays current with the newest tech!



Same here, I have it on my phone and my kindle :slight_smile:


Laudate is wonderful. You can use earphones and listen if you are traveling by car, bus or train or if you just want to hear and meditate on the readings. There are also several meditations you can listen to as well. I just got a ‘smartphone’ for Christmas and it was the very first free app I downloaded!


I use Laudate too. Got scolded by one of the old ladies at morning Mass for “being on that new fangled phone thingy” so I showed her that it is just like her Missal - I have the daily readings and so much more. Then I showed her how I could make the print bigger and she is thinking of asking her daughter to help her get a smart phone . . . .


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