Android / Catholic Radio & Tv?

Anyone know of any applications for Android phone’s that can via 3G stream catholic radio stations, and TV as well? I’m particularly interested in EWTN (TV & Radio) and Catholic TV.

I tried the iheartradio application but it seems to be very lacking in this department (probably going to get rid of it).

Well to answer my own question, at the very least I’ve found RadioTime for Android. I’ve checked the website, searched their content and several listings for ewtn came up. So it would seem this is the solution for radio.

Something for TV would be great too =)

If anyone out there is using RadioTime, how’s the quality?

Actually I found the free Tunein Radio app for EWTN!

Although not the same platform, Catholic TV & Radio is an app available for iOS devices. I am the developer and have it on sale this Lenten season. Part of the proceeds are donated to local parishes and Catholic Answers.

If you’re interested, take a look:

God bless,


Thanks so much for posting this, I’m a verizon android user and don’t expect to switch to iOS (particularly given how readily they bow to anti-christian evangalists) but I’m sure iOS using forum members would love to grab this one!

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