Angel Mom says Twitter suspended her for posting about illegal immigration and her fight against sanctuary cities

Angel Mom Suspended from Twitter

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Do you have an article that is not a Fox News video (also, please, no super spammy shady blogs)?

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Article from a mainstream newspaper:

Donald Trump promises to help ‘Angel Mom’ whose account was suspended by Twitter when she posted about immigration policy and sanctuary cities after the killing of her police officer son by an illegal alien

Check Twitter they acknowledged they did

I do not run the twitter app, is there no simple news story?

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From what I recall Twitter tends to look negatively on post that speak negatively against a person or group based on national origin or immigration status. Previously they were more responsive when the speech was against a specific individual. But after the situation with Carlos at Vox they had expressed giving more consideration to speech that was against groups though not necessarily specific individuals.

Angel Mom says she is going to sue Twitter because she has freedom of speech (I need for people to understand what that means under the constitution). Here are some of the messages she posted that Twitter asked her to remove.

I don’t really see many. I thought I found one on Yahoo, but the Yahoo story was a reference to a Fox News video on it.

Nevertheless here is one source.

The open-borders and sanctuary city crowd should also serve time for those who break the law, for whom they are so eager to let in.

A couple of quick points:

(1) The Twitter policy:

Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.

“Immigration status” does not seem to be one of the protected classes.

(2) I agree with you that “freedom of speech” only applies to government restriction on speech. I’d also agree that, whether I agree with the content or not, it’s Twitter’s call.

But, it just seems that it’s selective enforcement.

Quick update:

The Angel Mom (Mary Ann Mendoza) was on the radio last night talking about this:


That is all I am finding, the story where Mr. “Trump promises to help” etc.

The actual story of what transpired seems to be missing.

You and me both!

If I could be in charge for one day, I would rule that words had to mean what they mean and that every US Citizen take a “Constitution101” class.


In the podcast (post #10, at 11:21 to 16:33) she reads out loud some of the tweets in question and states who each one was directed to. She used the terms “illegal aliens” and “illegal alien criminals.” The host suggested that the tweets were within “relatively normal political dialogue.”

Twitter said that her tweets were “harmful,” “abusive,” and “threatening.” However, she mentioned some of the tweets she has received (“your son is a pig, he deserved to die,” “you deserve to die the same way . . .”) and Twitter didn’t do anything about them.

While I am sure everyone is on the up and up, I can do a podcast reading anything I care to.

Twitter is allowed to suspend or ban users. They are providing a free service, they can suspend everyone named Joe or people who use the word “blue”.

Seems that there would be one basic news story about this if it were news, my guess is “tempest in a teapot”.

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These days there are a lot of things in political dialogue that are normal (as in frequently occurring) that some might not find acceptable.

Twitter relies more on user reporting for violations. If someone makes a tweet that violates the guidelines it may be necessary for someone to report it before action is taken.

I should have said, she did report them. And she was just told to block the other users. i.e., the other users weren’t sanctioned.

Okay, then that looks like a problem.

Though some part of me is curious as to how such a statement would fall within what moderation allows.

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