Angel with red ribbion

Ok just wondering if this is a sign of an angel.

I wrote in a pervious topic how my therapist she is a Christian and prayed with me to bring Jesus into my heart. I seem to get experiences in my mind very intense visually. So for example I be in heaven and always see little chikdern maybe age of 5 or below they wear looks like a deep, red colour cloak over them. Like a uniform for them to sing. Every time. They seem to be full energy and playful too. Anyway
during the pray she told me to breath in God and breath out the spirit of fear. I told my therapist during the session I was told it was spirit of fear because a lady I use to work with her husband was a Christian minister I told her my anxiety and she said you have the spirit of fear. Which well… kinda disturbed me in some sense.
As I was doing the breathing I felt my forearms getting warm. It literally felt like someone was sitting beside me on the sofa I was sitting at.
Then in my mind I saw this angel. He had long straight blonde hair, he had part of his hair tie back. He had chest armour of silver. And his pants were blue with red material ribbion that wrapped around his legs. With the knight shoes that the knight wear at the middle ages to go to war.

I was wondering is this legit?
Meaning I have never seen Angel’s in pictures yeah sure wear armour or it’s the classic robe. But not blue paints with red ribbion strap around from leg down. Unless I guess Angel’s have different sense of fashion like us humans.

What you think?

Angels do not wear clothes as they do not have bodies. For the third time today, I suggest Dr Kreeft


Probably people think this because of illustration of Angel’s wearing clothes.

I think that perhaps you need to find a Catholic therapist.


Chest armor? Can you describe it further, perhaps provide some more details?

I believe you saw it, but as to what it was, impossible to know. You were in a very suggestible mood at the time. I can’t say for sure that it was or wasn’t an angel but you are best off in prayer and Eucharistic adoration. The ‘spirit of fear’ thing sounds like an evangelical thing. Are you Catholic?

That is straight from Scripture “He has not given us a spirit of fear, but, of love and a sound mind” from 2 Timothy.

But didn’t she say ‘the spirit of fear’ like it was an entity ? That’s how I took it

Since St Paul used that term, I figure it is a good way for us to look at fear.

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