Angela Merkel calls for widespread ban on ‘full veil’ Islamic coverings


BERLIN — German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who last year opened the door to nearly 1 million mostly Muslim migrants, staked out a tough new stance on conservative Islam on Tuesday, including her first direct call for a widespread ban on “full veil” religious

                                         How bad must things be in Germany for the likes of Angela Merkel to propose something like this.


isn’t her re-election coming up? I think she hopes this will help her get re-elected. I hope the Germans send a message “too little too late!” and don’t fall for it.


Merkel leads a party in the ‘Christian Democracy’ political tradition:

Christian democracy is a political ideology which emerged in nineteenth-century Europe under the influence of conservatism and Catholic social teaching,[1][2] as well as Neo-Calvinism.[3][4] It was originally conceived as a combination of traditional Catholic beliefs and modern democratic ideas, and it grew to incorporate the social teaching of other Christian denominations, such as the Lutheran Church and the Reformed Church.[5] After World War II, the Protestant and Catholic movements of the Social Gospel and Neo-Thomism, respectively, played a role in shaping Christian democracy.[4] Christian democracy continues to be influential in Europe and Latin America, although it is present in other parts of the world too.[6]

In practice, Christian democracy is often considered centre-right on cultural, social, and moral issues (and is thus a supporter of social conservatism), and it is considered centre-left “with respect to economic and labor issues, civil rights, and foreign policy.”[7] Specifically, with regard to its fiscal stance, Christian democracy advocates a social market economy. In Europe, where Christian democrats defined their views as an alternative to the more leftist ideology of social democracy, Christian democratic parties are moderately conservative and centre-right overall

As such, her “social conservatism” in this respect is neither a U-turn nor a mere ruse to appeal to right-wing voters in view of modestly rising support for the AfD, although that will naturally be playinh on her party’s collective mind. This policy was actually agreed at her party’s convention back in August. So nothing new, its just been picked up late by the media.


This makes no sense to me. You admit a million or so of people who you know full well have very different and very set cultural and religious beliefs and practices, and then you tell them they can’t do one of the things they think very important to their religious traditions.


She can’t have it both ways. I think she has brought a world of problems on Germany with her past positions.


correct. it doesn’t make sense! :confused:


Even less so since she ought to know they’re hostile to all things western, so she does something to make them even more hostile.


right. makes no sense!


Ridiculous :nope:


Until roughly the 70’s, lots of Catholic nuns (including Mother Angelica) used to wear a wimple that covered most of their head except their face.

I don’t understand the Muslim position of women being completely covered.

When Western women go to Saudi Arabia or other Muslim destinations, they have to follow the Muslim rule. Well, the Muslims have come to the West, so what’s not to understand about following the Western rules?


I think the full face covering/burqas is actually pretty new, too.


Burquas I believe were mandated by the Taliban. Saudi women wore the black coverings, but the eyes were exposed.


If these people are hostile to all things Western why did they go to the West?


So are you calling for the USA to have laws like those in Saudi Arabia? I’d much rather western countries don’t resort to dictating how people dress. There is actual concern over how many Muslim women dress in that they may well be in some cases compelled to do it, and it might not be entirely through choice, but all this talk about protecting “western values” is pretty insidious.

Personally, I hope the USA never starts to base domestic policy on a Wahhabi monarchy.

It would be interesting to see where these people come from and what kind of economic/political conditions they’re fleeing. There is a reason you don’t see many westerners immigrating to the Middle East.



Right. But in the centuries of history of Islam, 50-75 years of this dress code is a blip.


This is the problem when you don’t have a First Amendment.

This isn’t even putting a band-aid on a problem, it’s just going to alienate women who want to dress conservatively.

Sounds like a snarky election move by Frau Merkel more than anything else to appease a base that is very upset with her handling of the refugee crisis that has spun out of control.

I really hope the USA doesn’t base itself on any religious monarchy. The real threat here is cultural Marxism, especially when it comes to gender “theory”. :rolleyes:


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