Angelic music?


I have often woken to hear the most beautiful music, tunes I do not know played with instruments I cannot recognise. It sounds like there are thousands of instruments playing and voices singing in harmony. The sound is exquisite. Sadly it stops soon after waking. I have never accessed this while awake.

I have no idea what it is. Someone once told me it is angelic. A wishful thought but cynically I suspect there is a more obvious answer. Has anyone else experienced this?

What do you think it is?


That is so interesting. Can you describe what you hear? I suppose someone who knows a lot about the subconcious while you are sleeping could explain it. I’m very intrigued by this, though. What does it sound like.


That is so interesting. Can you describe what you hear? I suppose someone who knows a lot about the subconcious while you are sleeping could explain it. I’m very intrigued by this, though. What does it sound like.

It sounds like a billion voices singing in tune and as one. The instruments sound like nothing I have ever heard so I literally cannot describe them.

The music, the rythm too, is just ‘out of this world’ yet sounds so natural if that makes sense. There is a distinct absence of ‘drums’ or ‘beat’. It is in the treble clef, no deep voices, but no really high ones either, unless they are ‘swallowed up’ by the mid-range voices.

The music is very catchy. It is one that is instantly appealing to the ear. I like music but I cannot attribute it to any particular class of music. It is a sort of class of its own. As I say, I have never heard sounds like it, nor tunes, I can sort of imagine it now, but with what can I compare it to! The best I can say is that it is ecstatic.

It cannot be from the unconscious as we would not remember it. It must be pre-conscious which isn’t very deep, in order to invade the conscious. But another strange thing: psychology tells us we cannot ‘dream’ of something never experienced, unless it is within dream imagery. This music I have never heard before, neither the instruments

The nearest I can describe is a sort of brass instrument but even that does no justice. I have never heard a brass instrument sounding so beautiful. If you crossed a sound with a brass instrument with a plucked string of a piano but not a piano sound, neither is it the sound of a harp, then that is what is sounds like. But even that does it no justice. It is indescribable. The tune is very tranquil yet very lively, full of bounce. There is almost a ‘power’ eminating from the collective sound.

If you could record it, I believe it would be a cure for a lot of depressed and ill people.

The voices are more female than male. There is no deep male voice. But no shreaks either. Just perfect on the ear if that makes sense.

There must be others in this forum who have experienced it. I would love to hear what and how they describe it


More obvious than angelic music? More scientific, perhaps.


I’ve never experienced it, but two people I know have. It was just yesterday that the one friend told me about her experience. It happened only once for her; and all she could say was that it was just beautiful. The other friend heard it over an extended period of time (say a month??? - it’s been a long time since she told me about it). It was during a difficult period in her life. She would hear the singing at various times while she was up and about - working in the house, driving in the car, etc. She also was unable to describe it except to say it was beautiful. She felt it was angels who were singing. I don’t know if either of my friends heard instruments.



It was during a difficult period in her life

That is very interesting. I have only ever heard it when I have been in times of great distress. When I have given all I have to give and have felt emptied, almost of life itself. It also coincided with a time in my life when I was trying to defend my faith against the most aweful of ridicule. It almost broke me. It was then that I used to wake up to this beautiful sound.

The combination of singing and instruments I assumed were working in unison. It may have been just singing but it was just too beautiful to be mere voice.

Did your friends recognise the tunes? I did not. I never have, nor have I ever heard anything quite like it. I would be interested to hear if they too heard a distinct absence of deep sounds, just a chorus of beautiful sounds, which to me sounded accompanied


Incredible!!! You are so fortunate to have experienced this. :angel1:


My dear Sarabande

Re: Angelic music?
Incredible!!! You are so fortunate to have experienced this

Please do not be mislead, I ‘try’ to live a Christian life, but I am far from holy. I am to be counted among the least in the Kingdom, I am a sinner through and through. I am the least deserving of such experiences


Psh… Yeah Yeah! Thats what they all say… :wink:

We believe you…:rolleyes:
God bless you :smiley:



As I recall, it was not any song they had ever heard. Neither did either of them tell me about any specific lyrics that might have been in the song - so don’t know if the singing had words or not.



There were no discernable words, just beautiful sounds like they might have been words but not words or even language that I could recognise


It sounds like you’re receiving a consolation. A lot of people get this sort of thing visually (light), or they smell sweet perfume. You get sound. (Maybe you think audially?)

The medieval treatise “On the Song of Angels” (ascribed to Walter Hilton) is about this sort of thing, maybe in a more advanced form. You might be interested in reading it; it’s online and in the public domain.
"Of the Song of Angels"
Another version, with modernized terms

Anyway, praise God and give Him the glory, but don’t focus too much on the experience. It’s the love of God behind it that’s really important and interesting.


Interesting. I have heard of this “Angelic music”, although I dont know much about.



I read the article with great interest. But I must point out to you that I was and I remain by contrast to His Holy Angels and His Holy Spirit ‘a sinner through and through’!

If there is any goodness in me then it is through His mercy not my own doing. I own and possess nothing, everything I have and everything I own is His.


Well, I did say the article might have been talking about something more advanced than what you were experiencing – like a really big foretaste of heaven and union with God. But at least it does show that audio stuff is something that other people experience, too.

Consolations, like it sounds like you’re having periodically, are kinda like spiritual “training wheels” or “baby food”. God gives them to us to help us love Him more, and to want to pray, or for other reasons (like comfort and encouragement in time of trouble).

Most people have them every once in a while. A lot of people have them frequently when they need them (like right after conversion, or when you’re a teenager), and then they don’t come that often afterwards. Some people never get them. God pretty much provides people with what they need in the way they need, and obviously He would know!

(Of course, the flipside of consolations is spiritual dryness, which God gives us to develop our faith and perseverence, and during which God helps us in ways we totally cannot sense. Again, it’s something most people deal with periodically. Apparently, Mother Teresa was in this state for most of her life, and it was no fun. But her suffering, and her perseverance in work and faith despite it, probably brought her much closer to Christ.)


Sounds like a gift!
As a lifelong musician, from a family of musicians, I have to say I now have the sin of envy! I would love to hear something like that.

I also like the desciptions some gave as “consolations.” I didn’t know that term. I may have had some experiences that fit the term “consolation,” and now need to look into the subject.


So, it seems on balance that lots of folk have experienced it.

Some have done so because they were ‘worthy of such an experience’. Let me reiterate what I have said ‘I was not’!

It also seems it is some sort of consolation following ‘testing by fire’ and at the end of tribulation and persecution when it seems one is about to be crushed, unable to take anymore. At that point when the soul cries out in mortal grief and great distress to its Creator. It seems then that He sends his holy Angels to administer to that soul.

Max 37 you say you would like to hear it. It comes only after great suffering not of our own chosing and penance. I pray you will hear it, it seems lots of folk do. I pray you will not have to endure ‘testing by fire’ in order to get there.

Thank you for your information.


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