Angelic Warfare Confraternity medal question

I realize the question I am posing to the forum is best posed to the Confraternity itself, but I was hoping for a quick answer here.

I am anticipating the Dominican rite needed to join the confraternity to be administered in the next few months, as it is a busy time for the Priests right now. I have the medal and kit in my possession now, but you are asked not to wear it until it is blessed.

I speculate this is so that people who don’t INTEND to join the Angelic Warfare Confraternity simply order the medal and use it as jewelry. I however have a “burning” desire to wear the medal right away, as a reminder of Saint Thomas, the Mother of the Church, and the purpose of joining the confraternity, so much so, that I am posing the question to the forum:

Is it ok to go ahead and wear the medal? One side has the IHOM, the other St. Thomas.
Thanks everyone!:knight1::highprayer::knight1:

As someone who is in this confraternity, and given the nature of it’s purpose, I would say from a spiritual level not to wear it since it specifically states not to. Obedience and patience are very important virtues to develop as well as being able to say “no” to one’s “burning desires”.

Yeah good point. Thanks for the needed extra boost. Burning desire was a poor choice of words on my part btw!:smiley:


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