Angelical Ordinate

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Can some one please explain the Angelical ordinate to me?

I know that some of their congregations are welcomed into the CC. How is this done? Do the priests have to be ordained Catholic?

Are they allowed to keep their own liturgy?

Is their liturgy the same or similar to ours?

Does any one know what their liturgy consists of?

What about their ordination of women bishops?

Are they obedient to the Pope?

What or who is the US head of the Angelical ordinate? And what would his job be?

Is there something I can read to educate my self on the subject?

I know too many questions. Any help will be appreciated


Anglican Ordinariate. (to reverse Pope Gregory, Non Angeli, sed Angli)

Start here:


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Thanks. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. It was very helpful.

Stop using Catholic and Reformed, that is like me saying Church of England now reformed again since Henry V1111 and not the teachings of the Church under Henry and Elizabeth.

We are Catholic, we are not Reformed, only the Protestants are Reformed, Catholics have stayed steady and loyal to the Church of Rome since Christ established it,

Say what you mean and mean what you say you are a Protestant and not a Catholic and Reformed, no such thing.

This might help some of your questions.

Did you have any other questions after reading the link provided by GKC.

No women Bishops in the Catholic Church or in the Anglicanoerum Coetibus as it is no to women priests in both . The Anglicanoerum Coetibus is under Rome and heeds the Rules of the Catholic Church since they are now in Communion with, things like prayer books, hymns, etc they have there own.,

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From The Revised Catechism as Authorised by the General Synod of the Church of England:

The Church of England is the ancient church of this land, Catholic and Reformed. It proclaims and holds fast the doctrine and ministry of the one holy catholic and apostolic church.

Hank is the familiar term I occasionally use for Henry VIII. I often add some alliterative words to it, too.

You seem to have a heap (colloquial for “many”) of Hanks (plural of Henry, in my usage) referenced as HenryV1111, in your post above.

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This also is very good and did answer my questions. Thanks

Thanks for asking, but all my questions were answered by GKC and Celtic Maiden.

The posters on the forums never disappoint.

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