Does anyone know any good books that discuss angelology, from scriptural references to beliefs of the Church?

I did a quick search of the forums and found a few, but im looking for a more substantial book than those mentioned. 100 pages doesnt seem like enough for the kind of detail im interested in

Although perhaps not quite as in depth as you are looking for, The Angels and Their Mission According to the Fathers of the Church, by Cdl. Jean Danielou, S.J., is very good.

To give an idea of the indepthness i want,

I was recently working my way through(and plan to start trying again) a Mariology book that is 916 pages long.

I like small details about things, not just big points:p

anyone else?

The most recent thing that I have read is a “Angels and Devils” by Joan Carroll Cruz. I thought it was pretty interesting. It’s also an easy read.

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