In it talks about Angelology. Could anyone here give some other thoughts on this and books to look at on this?


Billy Graham wrote a book called Angels on this subject it was nicely detailed, I havent read it for a while but Im sure you would enjoy it.


This book is excellent:

St. Michael and the Angels

It explains all about angels, especially the nine choirs and their functions. It also has a bunch of liturgical and devotional things dedicated to angels :thumbsup:


This list appears in the article and I have always found this information helpful. These words appear in various areas of scriptures, and they refer to the various orders of Angels and if you don’t know that, it is easy to misunderstand what is meant. These are the “classes”, if you will, of angels, starting with the those most close to God, in descending order:

* First Hierarchy
      o Seraphim
      o Cherubim
      o Thrones or Ophanim
* Second Hierarchy
      o Dominions or Dominations or Kyriotites
      o Virtues or Dynameis
      o Powers or Exousiai
* Third Hierarchy
      o Principalities or Archai
      o Archangels
      o Angels

Seraphim, Cherubim, Archangels and Angels are fairly commonly understood. But I often see that Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers and Principalities being interpreted as their more “earthly” definition of those words. If you don’t know they’re one of the Order of Angels, you might misunderstand that part of scripture. So it helps to know the Order!


Peter Kreeft: Angels (and Demons) - not to be confused with Dan Brown’s book! :crossrc:


No demons here! This is a CATHOLIC Answer Forum!!!



James says that even the devils believe. So the Devil is a Catholic, just the worst one imaginable :wink:


That doesn’t mean the Devil is a Catholic silly. That just means he knows the power of God first hand and thus believes from that experience. To be a true Catholic you must obey Christ commands and do whatever he tells you. Ergo not mere beleif but works as well the whole context of James. Being Christian is not mere word of mouth that you beleive in God as even the Demons believe in God that is the context here.


:smiley: Everybody is Catholic some just don’t know it yet. :smiley:



Jean Cardinal Danielou’s book The Angels and Their Mission According to the Fathers of the Church is excellent:

Also of great value is the late Dr. Mortimer Adler’s The Angels and Us:


On another note: what books on angels should we avoid? The reason why I haven’t picked up any books on them is because they all remind me too much of that one “prophet” lady who wrote a ton of books…oh, what’s her name?..It all seems too much like divination and such, and I want to avoid getting confused about what’s real and what’s not.


Have this book… it’s a good choice :slight_smile:


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