Angels and a way of life I don't know the name of

I have come across a spiritual practice that involves angels. The people who practice do spiritual things with angels. There are websites like They have things called oracle cards. There is a thing about raising vibrations to connect with angels. They do angelic meditation and binaural beats. Also knowing your guardian angel’s name which I know I’m not supposed to know. They use crystals. They say things about psychics and mediums which the bible and the catechism condemns. It is a very popular practice. I just Don’t know the name of this practice. I don’t know if Catholics can take anything out of it that would be able to practice without endangering their salvation. Then there are as Catholics say 7 archangels. I saw a Uriel statue in a Catholic church. Am I allowed to ask the intercession of those seven archangels? Some people who practice this say there are 12 archangels. What do I do? What should I do?

Bad sign.

Bad sign.

Bad sign.

Very bad sign. Avoid avoid avoid.


Vibrations, crystals, and other sorts of “spiritual energy” are a no go for Catholics. Stick with what we know about angels. You have a guardian angel who is doing everything in his power to let the will of God be known to you and to influence you into conforming with it.

I’m fairly certain that the Church only recognizes three angels by name. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Ask for their intercession as well.


What about incense? How can a laity Catholic use incense? I want to buy incense to use in my worship to God and communion with the saints. Does it matter what incense holder I get or what incense to get?

You are more than welcome to light incense or scented candles while you pray, if smell helps you get into the mood of praying have at it.

You seem to have a lot of questions that might be bordering into the territory of scrupulosity. You might want to find a Priest to aid you with these questions.


I know they have the names of the Archangels in apocraphal texts like Enoch chapter 20. I know Catholics have names for the other four of Seven Archangels. Enoch says it is Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Saraqael, Raguel, and Remiel. Uriel I seen in a church recently. Very big statue.


Incense is a sacramental. A priest can use the Epiphany blessing for incense any time.


The Church acknowledges three named Archangels: Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. The Eastern Churches acknowledge Uriel as well.

The Church has forbidden further attempts by the laity to name angels. Don’t do it. You are playing with forces that are extremely dangerous.


The Latin Rite Church only recognises 3 archangels: Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. It does not even recognise Uriel as an angel, never mind an archangel.

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Thanks, @Jpascucci1997, it’s good to be reminded once in a while that groups exist which promote pseudo-Catholic beliefs. I’m thankful that we have the Church to keep things from getting chaotic. This thread makes me think that the Church needs to focus on preserving and spreading the core message, rather than adapting to or adopting local beliefs.

The above site has a lot of good information about angels.

What you described in your first message is very troublesome.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother guide you!

NO, run away from this type of stuff as fast as possible. Not something you should get involved in. Not good at all.


The church would have taught these things to all members if they were real - the church is under obligation to Jesus, by his command, to “teach all I have commanded you” when the Church makes and baptizes disciples. So, your examples come from somewhere other than God, these imaginary attempts at playing spirituality that you wrote about.
The Catholic Church does not keep some things secret for special mystical people.
Angels are very real, but there is no need for “special knowledge” and “tools” to talk with them and interact with them. No one is inside another person’s “head” to know if they are heard, we simply trust that when we talk the other person hears and thinks like we hear and think. You only need to do the same with Angels - not try to see inside them if they hear you, but pay attention to yourself, what you are saying and is it virtuous - let the Angel take care of whether he hears or not.

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This cannot be emphasized enough.

When we try to connect with angels by other means than what the Church recommends, we are playing with forces that outclass us on every level. Even more dangerous than fire.

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I don’t want to follow whatever this is. I just want to follow Jesus in the Catholic Church. His True Church. His Way. I want to make sure I am where Jesus wants me. Not to stray away from Him.

Also I noticed an angel called Metatron there is a thread Metatron
I know he is from Jewish stuff. I wonder if I should give intercession like I do with Michael. Metatron has a lot of similarities with Christ. Judaism I know came before Christianity. I DO NOT want to do New Age. I was a victim of that. Suffered corruption of myself. Christ freed me and I want to live in and through Him. I prayed to God about it and awaiting His answer. What do I do. Is there anyway to ask for Metatron’s intercession like I do with Our Blessed Mother and the Saints without doing New Age things

Metatron is not recognised by the Catholic Church so steer clear.

Run. As far away from these people as possible. There are authentic Catholic devotions to the angels – learn about them.

Avoid avoid avoid. Pray to Christ. Pray to the Blessed Virgin. Metatron is not one of God’s angels. Avoid avoid avoid.

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