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I’ve been reading Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown, author of the DaVinci Code.

Now I’ll tell you that I did read the DaVinci Code and really enjoyed it as a nice li’l piece of fiction. It was interesting and all, but I didn’t believe his claims to fact just because he said his stuff was accurate.

Angels and Demons also makes some interesting claims. One of those claims is that scientists used to be terribly terribly persecuted by the Church. One of the examples he uses is Galileo. Is this a distortion of Dan Brown? Or is there any truth to that?


:yawn: More of the same biased interpretation of history by the usual suspects. See the following links:

The Galileo Controversy


Hi Curious!
Good question, but like you I put little stock in Mr. Brown’s books after having read DVC :stuck_out_tongue: .

The church of its day DID indeed have issues with Gallileo and you can find out more here in this entry on the Catholic Encyclopedia on New Advent:

If I recall correctly, one Pope has apologized to Gallileo’s family, but I’m not sure, though I think it was a good thing to do if so.

As Stephen K. Hayes says in some of his books on Ninjitsu, science can seem magical if misunderstood. (Which is something the Ninja did in order to enhance their scarey mistique. Sort of early Psychological warfare…)

Anyway, Gallileo caught a rough time from the church and the superstitious people of his day.
Hope this helps…looks like a good article.
Pax vobiscum,


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