Angels Eyes


A really odd question. For anyone who believes they have seen an angel, what did the eyes look like. Regardless of the form of the angel if the eyes were distinctive in what way were they distinctive ?

I don’t really wish to explain why I ask.


They were BLUE[size=][/size] An old man was sitting by the stop light I the other day, I had seen him there for a few days with a sign saying “I am Hungry”. This day I had some food in the car with me and gave it to him. I have not seen him there since.


hello all
Beutifull deep penetrating black. well never forget the comfort it brought me.
I have also heard thier beutifull music.
God bless…jesus g




My dear friend

Angels don’t have eyes I’ve heard. I imagine they sort of see with the eyes of the soul ( to give an example ) much the same as a flight of the spirit as St Teresa of Avila speaks when we see with the eyes of the soul.

Hope this helps

God bless you and pray for me:thumbsup::slight_smile:



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