My son has been talking about His Angel a lot lately. I do not know if this is started by learning about guardian angels at CCD, but he has told me before that Jesus talks to him when he is really quiet and listens. “Really quiet, smaller than I can whisper.”

Should I be concerned?

Things he tells me are that he is loved, comfort at scary times, that sort of thing. Not revelations, just 5 yo things. Some pretty astute though. Not what would come from a 5 yo mind. Do I encourage this as prayer?

That is pretty profound for a child so young to have discovered the still, small voice of God. His description of His voice being smaller than he can whisper is wonderful.

One way to discern a situation like this is to look at the fruits of it. His feeling loved and comforted is a good sign. Experiences that are of God bring peace, joy and love and help us to become better people. If instead you son is fearful or withdrawn and develops behavior problems, then there is cause for concern.

I would agree with beckycmarie as far as concern goes. Your listening and small bits of guidance every so often may help him with being able to differentiate between the earthly and heavenly. You might also want to make sure that he only talks or listens to his angel when alone.

I am glad that I have no need to be concerned…He always tells me very excitedly when he visits with His Angel, and he can’t hear if someone else is breathing!LOL
I will continue to encourage his listening to the “still small voice”.:gopray: :angel1:

He may be a priest yet! ( he says he is going to grow up to be a “good daddy who loves his children”)

(((((mommybug47))))))…bless his heart-children have a very special place in God’s eyes and are held close by their guardian angels- it is a blessing for him to be so aware of the love around him-and a blessing for you to share it with him…and now for us that you shared it here…:heaven: ((hugs))) God Bless

Pray for him, trust in Jesus, and talk to a priest about this matter.

I also recommend teaching him the Rosary, including the Fatima Decade Prayer. :slight_smile:

Keep careful watch and make certain he tells you everything.

Make certain he doesn’t start getting told to do strange things or whatnot.

You want to make sure something other than holy doesn’t seize this as an opportunity to start giving advice. So watch and pray against that.

Remember to keep him pure of heart as he grows older and away from any temptations of sight that boys typically fall into, especially in the media. Start him praying for purity and start praying for his purity before he even knows what it is. :slight_smile:

Try to raise a little saint.

It takes purity of heart to see God.

He is 5 and says a family rosary every night, and I have gotten rid of TV and have no video games in the house. I will talk to our priest before Mass tomorrow night though.

That is so very good to hear. :slight_smile: Deo gratias. Amen. Amen.

Don’t scare the boy but do keep watch.

your son was so blessed and nice…of all children he was the one who can encountered such things like that…you must nothing to worry you should be happy for him and your family too…:slight_smile:

Fatima, Schoenstatt, Memorarae, AND the Hail Holy Queen! He knows his rosary!:thumbsup:

I talked with our Priest and DRE last night and they believe that He is just using his imagination to cope with growing up and he will out grow it…

On one side, no need to worry, on the other kind of sad.
Personally when ever he asks for permission to go outside where it is quiet to talk to Jesus, I am sending him out!

Aww, don’t be sad. Be happy! We should not long after private revelaions, but rejoice in Jesus Christ, the Revelation of God. And be happy he is not being tricked by the devil. :slight_smile:

I’m with you mommybug47! God knows the intentions of your heart and mind and spirit and those of your son’s…keep him covered by your own prayers and watch him grow in his faith!

In regards to the “angel” as you made reference too at the beginning - I would be concerned if he began to “pray to the angel” or focus on “the angel”…instead of Jesus.

I am not talking revelations here, like say St. Faustina. When little children’s minds are not cluttered up in garbage, but are still pure, is it not easier for them to commune with Our Lord? Are we not called to purify our hearts so that we can listen to the still small voice that is Our Lord? CCC#2591 “Prayer …is a reciprocal action between God and Man.” Reciprocal- back and forth action.

Or Sacred Scripture…Psalms is filled with calling out to Our Lord and He answering our cry, or our wispers…ie 18:6, 99:6, 118:5. He calls and He comforts His people, not with “Divine Revelation” but with “I love you my Child, crawl in to my arms and Be with Me awhile.”

When my son goes through a dark hour, and we all do, it is a comfort to me to know that he has had the experience of “hearing” and knowing God loves him. This is awareness of God that will lot leave him soon. It will be a part of his spirituality forever. Prayer even at this young age, will bring him comfort into his age. I strive to “bring him up in the way he shall go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

What saddens me is the thought that he may turn his back for a time, to grow out of closeness with Our Lord is a saddening thought. But I also know the Lord is the Hound of Heaven and will not let him go. ( And if I need to, I will be like Fr Corapi, I will put on my combat boots and grab my weapon!)

((((((mommybug47)))))…up until about age 7 children especially are receptive to “hearing” and “seeing”…and then people around them tend to tell them it’s imagination etc…and the gift gets blocked by them closing it off…don’t allow such things to happen to your boy -nurture this openness he has with angels and the Holy Spirit by letting him speak of such things with you…just make sure that he knows others may not understand and may not believe him- but that’s ok-the two of you know and God knows and that’s enough for now-start him writing the messages down so he doesn’t feel like he’s keeping secrets and you and he can go over them-you’ll know soon enough if it’s his imagination or not-but I doubt it…little boys generallly imagine superheroes etc- not angels…(((hugs))) to you and your son… God Bless

This advice is in no way intended to cause fear or concern… but you might want to keep a little holy water in your sons room… and have him bless himself, each time he lies down for a nap… or before bed.

I would say the holy water is like… a little extra fortification for protection.

God bless.

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