Are angels created in the image of God?

One of my family’s parishes sent a newsletter to me. In it, it said that humans are special because they are made in the image of God, and not even angels can boast of that quality. That confused me, because I assumed that angels were “made in the image of God” because they were rational like humans, which is what I thought “made in the image of God” means.

Absolutely!! They are what are called in Philosophy limited intelligent beings, which means they are spirits having intellect and will. They are God’s messagers and have tremendous power over matter. Each angel is a species all by itself. For example there are some 6 billion humans living today. If humans were angels, there would only be one.
By comparison each angel is as different from the other as trees are different from flowers. :thumbsup:

I’ve heard that this is one of the reasons that other angels fell from grace with Lucifer, because of their jealousy of mankind being made in the image of God and God’s love for mankind.

So what does it mean to be created in the image of God?

I thought all of creation is made in the image of God. Everything imitates Him in it’s own way. For instance a living thing imitates God’s Life and comunicates it’s own goodness through reproduction thus imitating God’s creative act.

We are less than the angels in every way.

ETA: As God’s own perfect conception of Himself, the Son of God is the actual Image of God we are made in and through. His Signature is everywhere.

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