Angelus Press 1962 missal

I’m not exactly sure where this question belongs, but this seemed the best fit. But please moved it if needed. Has Angelus Press stopped making the genuine leather 1962 missal? Ive used one that wasn’t leather and it was disappointing. Felt cheap. So where can I get a genuine leather one? I’ve searched pretty extensively to no avail. Anyone have one they want to get rid of?

I don’t think so I just got a copy this week.

Online? Or in a store?

I believe the priest at the TLM mission bought them offline and I paid for my order in cash.

I have seen them at my local Catholic store as well.

Just go to

Get a Missal from Baronius Press. I think they’re better made. I gave my Angelus away and bought a Baronius.

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I have a Baronius. I don’t care for the size of the font and the way the order of the mass is laid out with all the extras bunched in together. I agree it’s better made than the Angelus one I used. I’m hoping the genuine leather version is better. I went to the Angelus press website, and all they have is the imitation leather. :frowning:

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I was not aware that there are different Angelus press 1962 missals. However, I would suggest getting a nice missal cover from this website: …if you cannot find the leather missal you are looking for.

Thank you all for the replies. Those covers are awesome. I’ll definitely be getting one. I contacted Angelus press. They used to make a genuine leather cover. (Seen them on eBay for over a hundred bucks) They have stopped making it though, as the imitation leather is as good of quality.

Wow, those Missal covers are great. I wouldn’t know which one to choose!

As an owner of both missals, I find that the Baronius Edition is a bit bulky for my preferences. The newer Angelus Press edition is half as thick as the Baronius edition. However, both are excellent missals. The Baronius one definitely has a nice presentation, but so does the Angelus Press one with the embossed fleur de lis design on the front and back (but you’ll probably have a missal cover so it doesn’t really matter).

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