Angelus Press Divine Office

Does anyone here use the Angelus Press Divine Office?

I do, its an abridged version, but still very nice and lightyears
cheaper than the full Pre reform divine office. I love it

I am considering buying this. I know everyone says to wait on the Baronius edition sometime this year, but with my work schedule, I would be a bot overwhelmed.

I’m not looking for a technical breakdown, I just want to know what people have experienced with it. I know that this is not a full extant edition of the LOTH or DO, it is done with the busy layman in mind. Seems all the reviews I find criticize it for being abridged.

I have it and it is orthodox, Douahy Rheimas and an exact quote of the trad office. Good for a beginning for sure. Gets you through some basic offices and makes you hunger for the whole enchilada - all the offices. Go to for that. At one time I downloaded and printed every single office from three print cartridges and a couple hundred pages. Then I gave it away!!

But the angelus thing is a lovely,nice to hold book.

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