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Are Catholics allowed to purchase books published by Angelus Press which is “a publication house of the Society of St. Pius X.” I am interested in buying a copy of the 1962 Roman Missal, and I noticed that the Angelus Press version is slightly cheaper than the other, but I don’t want to spend money to support a schismatic group. On the page someone wrote a review of the Missal, and said that the FSSP buy Missals from Angelus, but then went on to say that it is fine to attend SSPX Masses, and to “give a donation out of respect during Mass.” Check out the review here, just scroll down to the review portion of the page:

1962 Roman Missal

Angelus has published a lot of nasty, negative stuff against the Pope and the Church. Hardly traditional in my way of thinking. I would not give them any of my money. I remember this article they ran on the front cover about 5 years ago, of John Paul II’s picture, and the headline said “We defy you to your face!” in bold black letters. Shameful.

Would you care to be more specific about that allegation and cite specific instances, please? Without supporting evidence your accusation is merely hearsay and not worth the time spent reading it.

Sure. I will be glad to repeat myself.

About 5 years ago they ran a cover with a picture of PJPII on it, and in big black letters it said “WE DEFY YOU TO YOUR FACE!”

The guy basically solicited for opinions about Angelus, and I gave mine. I used to read Angelus a lot, but I quite doing that. In my opinion it is an arm of the SSPX, and its job is ripping the second Vat council. It’s audience is probably mostly sspx people. They “get” the lingo and know the brand well enough to find the pandering that fits their own little niche.

You can read them online if you want. Form your own opinions. I don’t really care if you agree with me personally. I don’t have to waste any more time defending addressing the various former catholic groups that pop up here or there with their little magazinges and newsletters.

Here’s a nice little gem though.

Yes, Angelus Press is owned by the SSPX.

HOWEVER, Angelus Press publishes many fine historic Catholic books that are very difficult to obtain through any other publisher. So I would recommend buying those books from Angelus. Such does not constitute an endorsement of schism, any more than buying a Catholic Edition Bible from Zondervan Publishers constitutes an endorsement of

Just be discerning when looking at the online or paperback Angelus Press catalog. If you see books with titles that appear to attack the post Vatican 2 popes, simply do not buy those particular titles.

Jaypeeto4 (aka Jaypeeto3)

You can certainly purchase books from Angelus Press, provided you are careful of what you buy. Their Missal is excellent though :thumbsup:

I got my missals from eBay. They were cheaper and nicer than the ones that Angelus sells and do not have any links to the SSPX. :slight_smile: I was able to find one that is the exact same edition as the one I grew up using but did not care for as well as I should have. :frowning:

Caution: It is a bit addictive. I now have a small Latin missal “collection”.

The indult Latin Mass society here in San Diego purchases it’s missals from Angelus Press.

Probably the most mainstream publication with a radical traditionalist bent, albeit not quite as explicit as the Remnant, Catholic Family News or the Fatima Crusader.

They publish some great classical works, though I would be very discerning of the more contemporary stuff they put out. I still get mailings from them now and then, but I would never subscribe to them due to their schismatic leanings.

Uh, look at their catalog. It won’t take long.

Caution: It is a bit addictive. I now have a small Latin missal “collection”.

I do too. There boxed in the garage now and I’m dying to find out what I’ve got in there.

Go Baronius!

I’ve never attended an SSPX church and I bought a couple of items from them a couple of days ago without hesitation. Though nothing of questionable matter (A Douay-Rheims Bible and Calvary and the Mass by Archbishop Fulton Sheen).

I have their 1962 Missal. A gift from my SSPX brother. I love it.

Why? I have the Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf and the Quran (Loved on by JPII).
Is the Church hierarchy immune from Critique?
Just curious.

SSPX rocks! I have a habit of spending most of my paycheck at the Angelus Press!


Your bankrolling schism, thats all I can say…:tsktsk:

I would slightly modify your advice. True, we buy things from and thus indirectly support errant organizations all the time, and it’s not even confined to book publishing - every time you buy a newspaper whose editorial board is pro-choice you’ve done the same thing. Still, why not try to be discriminating in your purchasing to reward those publishers who are committed to the Truth whenever possible? So if you need a non- or anti-Catholic book for a legitimate reason, you probably won’t find that from a Catholic publisher; get it where you can, but try to use what seems to be the most upstanding business. If you need a Catholic book, get it from a reputable Catholic publisher when available, and if you can afford to, be willing to spend a little more to get it from what seems the most faithful, orthodox operation (plenty of religious orders run outfits that publish utter nonsense alongside good Catholic books, so why reward even those supposed Catholics for propogating error?).

I second this opinion! Hear Hear! :thumbsup:

God Bless.

the baronius missal is the exact same thing as the angelus press missal, except the AP missal:
*]is less portable (bigger)
*]is easier to read (bigger)
*]doesn’t have propers for england and scotland (not sure if this even matters to ya)
*]has the other sacraments besides mass[/LIST]Besides these things, it is the same reproduction of the Laverty and Sons edition of the 1962 missal. If you are concerned about giving your money to AP, go baronius (as mentioned above).

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