Anger and the Sacraments

I was absolutely consumed with anger this past weekend over a family situation. I went to Mass angry and I didn’t receive the Eucharist because I couldn’t shed the anger I felt. It didn’t help that the homily given was about how unimportant the “rules” the Catholic has in regards to our salvation followed by the altar girl resting her elbows on the altar during the Consecration. Should I have gone to Communion anyway? I am going to Confession this weekend but I am still quite angry from the frustration of not being able to control the family situation and at God for allowing it to happen. Should I go to Confession or try and rid myself of the anger first? Any tips on how to get rid of this anger would be greatly appreciated? I guess the general question is should you receive any of the Sacraments when you are angry?

When you’re not properly disposed to receive communion, you shouldn’t. So I would say you did the right thing in not receiving the Eucharist while in a state of anger.

You mention the frustration of not being able to control a family situation and being angry at God as a result of that. It’s OK to tell God about your anger. Look how many of the Psalms deal with feelings of anger or abandonment by God. That’s a very honest form of prayer.

But ultimately you have to move beyond the anger. Confession will help. Something that helps me is to listen to some calming music. I especially like Gregorian chant. It’s holy and calming, and then I can talk with God in a more reasonable way and come to a better understanding of what’s going on.

First and foremost it is obvious to say that many things anger all of us and sometimes we have very little control over what does.

My self personally, I like to pace when I’m upset or walk up and down my driveway at night. I live in the country so it can very peaceful and relaxing and your body is using up some of that anger and directing it towards something positive. Find a quiet relaxing place and start walking back and forth, that way you don’t have to worry about cars or people bothering you if you did it on the side of the road.

Anger is not always a sin. Christ became angry and threw the lenders out of the temple. Justified anger is sometimes okay but we mustt nver let it control us. The anger you are describing seems a result of something you have noticed that appears unjust or wrong and we often have very little control over this. Our very being and nature creates a degree of anger in all of us when we see something that is wrong.

One of the major reasons we go to confession is forgiveness but sometimes more importantly to be given the grace to help us overcome any inclination to sin or any habitual sinning we do. Confession is exactly the sacrament you should recieve when you feel angry.

While it is a good practice to to go to confession often. Unless you were in a state of mortal sin you are allowed to recieve communion.

In regards the rest of your post, some of the things seem a bit vague for me to really answer to.

pax tecum

I guess I vented a tad too much in my first post. The real question is the last one. Should you receive the Eucharist or go to Confession when you are full of anger? While I know that I can receive the Eucharist if I am not in the state of Mortal Sin, it did not feel right to do so at the time because of the anger. Thanks for the tips on how to get rid of the anger.

I’d say you can and should go to Confession when you’re angry…the Sacrament can give you the graces to deal with your anger.

I’ve “skipped” Communion myself when I was too angry about the liturgy (abuses) and didn’t feel properly disposed to recieve Christ. Remember we’re required to recieve the Eucharist once a year.

A great book you might want to check out is Pardon and Peace by Fr. Francis Randolph. He talks a lot about how we should analyze less about why/when/what to confess and just DO IT to let God have another way to work in our lives. YOu can even tell Father in the confessional…“Father, I’m really angry about this and I don’t know if I should be here”.

I have control issues and unneeded anxiety in my life. Not saying you do, but you use the word control in your OP. Of course you can’t control every situation. You can only control yourself. Forgive yourself! :slight_smile: God will.

I have skipped receiving Holy Communion because of anger. But I have gone to Confession in an angry state. I just lay it all out for the priest, tell him I don’t know if I’m really sorry, and ask what I should do. It’s been very helpful, and since I’ve been totally honest, I don’t see a problem.


I don’t think anger per se is a sin. Sometimes I have gone to mass in a stressed out mood and sometimes filled with anger over situations but receiving the Eucharist would make me more calm about the situation.

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