Anger and Vengeful Feelings Inside

So lately I’ve been noticing that when certain songs come on the radio, I start to get angry and think about vengeful feelings. The songs in question just trigger feelings of my ex girlfriend and how things fell apart quickly and how she just acted as if 2 years meant nothing. But the two big problems are these. 1, all this happened a year ago so I should have forgiven and moved on by now. And 2, I’d never actually do anything bad. Just frustration you know? But I’m just worried all of these feelings are mortal sins and poisoning my soul. So my questions are, how do I forgive and forget in my situation and are feelings of anger and vengeance a mortal sin ; and if so how do I combat it?

I would avoid the song…

As to anger etc – “uninvited” and “unconsented to” “disordered” feelings of anger and vengence may “happen to us” in a way that is not any sin --we ought to usually turn to something else and --and not consent to them of course. The Priest can help you judge.

One may wish to at times seek counsel from others on them (counseling). Now of course sin can happen - but discuss such with a Priest in confession --there is venial sin and at times mortal sin --you may need some direction from your confessor so you understand the difference here --that is what is mortal and what is venial for the future. Confession also comes with particular grace to help overcome anger and other sins.

One very small book I have heard is very good --but have not read – is here:

(it is Catholic…and deals with the subject)

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