anger management


I have manic depression and with that comes serious emotional distress that seems to be forming into anger issues. I have two small children and want to learn how to cope with my anger and emotions so that they don’t bare the brunt of my internal war. my husband doesn’t appreciate the anger iether and it is deeply affecting our marriage. what can I do and are there any support groups for couples like this?


Call Catholic charities and they should have a listing of Catholic psycologist or counselors and see if you can make an appointment.God Bless and I will pray for you:)


Wish I could offer more help, but if you want to look for a therapist, I recommend looking here first.


I am a therapist. First, have you been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (manic depression)? There is medication you can take to stabilize your mood. Also, know that irritability/anger can be a symptom of both the manic phase and the depressed phase of the disorder. Contact your local Community Mental Health Center for help. They usually offer counseling, medication monitoring, and often, anger management groups. While it is a good idea to seek out a Catholic therapist, it isn’t necessary. There are many good therapists who can help. If you want to include a spiritual dimension to your counseling, seek out a Pastoral Counselor. (That’s my background) We are trained to do spiritual counseling.


tons of time in front of the Blessed Sacrament has helped me combat my anger and depression.


I use to have an anger management problem, but the Couples For Christ family ministries helped me work through it. Both my wife and I grew together spiritually.


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