Anger Mortal Sin

I posted in another section about my first confession in 7 years is coming this Saturday. and today I guess I was looking for some more help; specifically about my anger issues. In private moments, by myself, I find myself getting really upset and angry at both my ex girlfriends and their current boyfriends. I mean I pretty much have accepted that God allowed what happened between us to happen because he needed to break me down so I could come back to the Church. And I know they are both happy now. Maybe it’s just jealousy that makes me get all angry at them. :shrug:

But anyway, it really affects me daily. I find myself spending so much time feeling angry, that it just side tracks my entire day. I realize anger, and envy for that matter, are deadly sins. But has anyone had any personal experience with this and/or have advice on how to talk to the priest about it?

I have a bit of a similar problem. I sit around and make up imaginary confrontations between myself and others and get really angry (at stuff they didn’t even say in real life!) Yep, sounds psycho. I try and stop myself and ask God to help me not do that anymore.

Sounds like your problem is similar because you’re sitting around thinking of people you ought not even be thinking of anymore because they’re in your past. Perhaps a similar exercise will work for you!

Anger in itself is not a mortal sin. When Jesus went into Temple he became angry and overturned the merchant’s tables because he knew what was in their heart. There are many other examples in the New Testament where Jesus expressed anger.

It’s what we do with the anger that determines if it is a mortal sin. What I have found to be helpful is when I have feelings of anger I will write out why I am angry. I find that in writing about the anger serves as a release. I than pray to Jesus and ask him to take this anger from me. This is a lot easier said than done. :signofcross:

The thing that needs to be addressed here is the “root cause”…Why are you angry with these people? I suspect that you will find that it is because you have not forgiven them in your heart for some real - or perceived - hurts.
Letting go of this hurt and truly forgiving them is what will help you resolve this anger issue.
Of course I realize that is much easier said than done…and I have been there myself…but hard or not…that is really what needs to be done.

As for talking to father about it. Just tell him straight out what you’ve told us. He probably recommend some prayers or possibly some reading.


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