I was recently watching a movie. In the movie certain people was hitting another very badly. I became indignated with it and fantasized about me being that person and hitting them back very graphically and violently, I don’t remember if for one moment I thought what I was doing was sinful, I guess a had a vague feeling that I should have not be doing that. After, let’s say, 10 seconds I fully realized that I was doing wrong and stopped and ask forgiveness to God. What do you think? It was mortal sin? I just come from a confession. Always happen to me that I sin in the very day of a confession.
Sorry for my English. I’m from South America.

Consider that the people I was hitting in my fantasies where famous actors, and I had no intention of really hurting them :slight_smile:

I have had fantasies of getting in fights or beating up someone who has been mean to me. I never thought it was sinful but you have me thinking now. I can’t say that I feel it is sinful in my heart but I could just be ignorant.

If you were beating up Clint Eastwod or Russel Crowe that is not acceptable :mad:

Anybody else is just fine :smiley:

Sarah x :slight_smile:

FYI: I was beating up Michael Madsen, and, (I guess) Johnny Depp that was who started the brawl.

No sin there.

I’ve never forgiven him for cutting that cop’s ear off.

and, (I guess) Johnny Depp that was who started the brawl.

Again, no sin.

Anyone who says ‘‘you know’’ as much as he does deserves it.


Sarah x :slight_smile:

The fantasy you had seems to be one of self defense. That is not a sin to defend yourself. It’s probably your bodies way of thinking what you would do if attacked and perfectly ok to think through a bad situation to protect yourself.

A priest told me in confession that getting angry is not a sin. It’s not sinful to have an emotion. It’s what we do with that emotion that could be sinful. If you actually hurt others when they are just making you angry and not attacking you or if you are verbally abusing them, then it is sinful.

I don’t know why we Catholics get so hung up on feelings and emotions then feel guilt. Seems to be Catholic guilt out there when none is called for.

Thank you. That gives me some relief.
Nevertheless my fantasy was really horrible.
I think I’ll confess it, I was planning to confess it tomorrow but due to your comment, that made me feel more at ease, I will confess it next week.

Pray for meekness and humility.

These are the virtues needed to offset anger and pride.

Books and movies are meant to bring out these feeling so you can relate with the character - if you didn’t relate with the character its a poorly produced movie or poorly written book. Should we ban all books and movies because we might be able to relate to the feelings the writer intended us to feel.As long as it not a glorified violence movie or book I have no problems relating to a character in a book or movie.

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