When I get mad I hate how I react. For example, it was my birthday Thursday, and I don’t care to celebrate my birthdays or do anything special. But, my friend and I were gona go to dinner on Friday. While I was driving on the way to the restaurant, I talked to get on the phone and discussing about the restaurant, bc it was getting late and were wondering how late the kitchen would stay open. She called the restaurant to find out and called me back to let me know they were gona stay open until 11. I mentioned I was almost there and she said 15 minutes for her.

Majority of the time when we go out she is always late. And I’m not talking 10 or 15 minutes, I mean 30 minutes and sometimes has been 40 or an hour. I’ve been late before also, but not as much as she is. Anyway, when i got downtown i parked and was waiting for her in the car. We ended the phone call at 10:09. While I was waiting, I was trying to be so patient and not get mad but this point it was 10:49 so I texted and asked where she was and told her she said she was gona be 15 minute and it’s been almost an hour, and i put ‘lol’. She responded back saying that she was there waiting. I got out my car and called her to see where she was. She didnt answer. But, then I saw her as I was walking. And I got mad and started saying that she lies and I don’t believe her anymore. She was trying to explain but she got mad I guess bc I said I don’t believe her or whatever. So, she walks away and says ‘I’m going home I don’t need this ****’ and leaves. I was already mad and annoyed for waiting, and couldn’t believe she just ditched me and walked away to go home like that. I walked away also and then said ‘you’re a b-----’. I said it more than once and then right when I was getting in my car I said ‘f u’ but wasn’t sure if she heard that part. Also, I am not one to cuss. I actually rarely ever cussed. But I do now more, especially if I’m mad. But saying the f word is when I’m very very mad, bc I hate tht word and also the b word. I don’t say those words unless I’m extremely mad. I was not happy with myself for reactin that way, and most people would never expect that from me.

I apologized to her through text anyway, but she didnt really seem to think she had any fault. It wasn’t very genuine to me I guess. Anyway, do you all think from the sounds of this that I have anger issues? And what are some ways I can control myself?

I believe we all have “anger issues” at times. It is the way we are made, it is part of what keeps us alive.

I would think that the anger itself is not a problem, but what we do or say while affected by it. But ask your spiritual advisor.

And of course if we have said or done anything hurtful while angry, we must make amends and do penance.


All sin is deserving of God’s punishment. Fortunately Jesus came to save us from our sins - assuming that we are repentant. It’s good that you recognize what you done is sinful and falls short of the holiness God expect of us in our lives. Suggest going to confession. Probably good to read through God’s Word on the subject. Here’s a website link to bible verses on profanity.

When we fall down, we should ask for God’s forgiveness, receive the sacraments and strive again for holiness. Doing so makes us more attune to our sins and causes the interior conversion in our hearts to sin no more (or less often).

To directly answer your question…you really know this answer yourself. If I had been a witness to what you described above, I would have said that yes, that person has a anger issue for sure. Hopefully I would been of mind to say a quick little prayer for you for your conversion. Will do so at 9am Mass today. :slight_smile:

Aw thank you so much! God Bless you

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