Hey, I’m struggling with a lot of anger right now and I don’t know what to do.

My friends and I have been trying to plan some fun stuff, as it’s the end of our senior year and we want to have some fun before we go to college in the fall. It’s a little tricky as we have AP testing, trip planning (I’m going to Europe, one of my friends is going to Chile, and a bunch of others are going to Puerto Rico this summer), grad parties, etc. Well, I was seeing what everyone was doing tonight and they said they were all going to be drinking, because “we always do it and there’s nothing better to do”. Then, I lost it. Every day I hear about their drunken parties and how “fun” it was and how I should do it because “you will in college anyway”. I feel like they’re selling me out for some booze and that if they ever had to choose between me and getting drunk, they would choose the latter. I told them I was glad I was going to DC this fall, because there is so much to do that doesn’t involve drinking. They were just like, “what, bowling?”

I’m fuming about this. I don’t want to touch alcohol till I’m legally old enough (unless my parents give me some, it’s legal in our state, or I’m traveling to another country that allows it) and then only in moderation. I’m so sick of my friends trying to pressure me to drink or have that be the majority of their social life. They KNOW I don’t drink, is it too much to ask them to do something fun that doesn’t involve booze? I’m so sick of being the lonely one because they all thought it was better to drink than to spend time with me, supposedly one of their best friends:mad: It’s hard because my best friends who don’t drink and my boyfriend who also doesn’t drink all live in other states, so I feel really alone

How do I deal with this? What would God want me to do?

I think you know the answer. What you are doing is right - refuse to give in to peer pressure. Peer pressure is a common thing. But in order to live a life of integrity and follow God’s commandments, you have to stick to your own principle.

Drinking is very dangerous. Many serious problems resulted from drinking. You don’t want to give in to fit in. And I think you already know this. Not only drinking, there could be other peer pressures.
What if all your friends are on drug? What if all your friends have pre-marital sex? What if all your friends hook up on campus? Are you going to sin to fit in? Of course not!

What would God want you to do? He wants you to follow his commandments, to be pure, and to love. Offer up your loneliness and anger,pray for yourself and for your friends. Prayer makes difference.

At the same time, finish your good work in high school, concentrate on your coming AP tests, do a good job to the last minute. Spend some time with your family. Once you leave for college, you leave home forever. When you come home during holidays, you are just visiting. Once you are in college your family life will never be like the way it is now. Do some research about the Europe cities you are going to visit. It will make your trip more fun. Plus, it is not like you wouldn’t have any time with those friends at all, you are just avoid the drunken parties which is a wise thing to do.

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