Anglican and Oriental Orthodox Church Sign Historic Agreements on Christology - Incarnation of Christ, Procession of the Holy Spirit

An Agreed Statement on Christology, published in North Wales this week by the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox International Commission, heals the centuries-old split between the Anglican Churches within the family of Chalcedonian Churches and the non-Chalcedonian Churches over the incarnation of Christ. In addition, the Commission has made substantial progress on issues concerning the Holy Spirit, which have continued to keep the Churches apart over the centuries. Leading clergy and theologians from both Christian traditions from around the world have been meeting at Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden to engage in theological dialogue, while at the same time forging deeper bonds of faith and mutual support.

Where can I find the full texts of these agreements? I would hope their contents would also be agreeable to our Church. Afaik Christology and the procession of the Spirit are points of agreement between Catholics and Anglicans, so I would think our Church would be able to sign some names to the same agreement, assuming it could be reviewed and its accuracy to Church doctrine confirmed.

Actually, the Catholic Church signed joint statements on Christology with both the Coptic and Syriac Churches (both Oriental Orthodox) during the reign of Pope St John Paul.

Huh, neat. Well, what about the Procession agreement? Do we have a parallel to that?

Does the Holy Spirit proceed from the Father alone or from the Father and from the Son according to the agreement?

I don’t think so. Perhaps someone else can verify?
Here’s the results of discussions on the issue between Catholic and Eastern (not Oriental) Orthodox theologians:

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