Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu calls for assisted suicide


Desmond Tutu calls for assisted suicide to be legal

This is troubling to me. It’s troubling when prominent Christian leaders stray so far from traditional Christian thought, morals, and teaching.

I guess this is part of what happens when your church is founded on the desire of a king to divorce his wife.


Very troubling and very sad. This will only encourage more evil in our world. As you said, it is truly sad to see Christians, especially Christian leaders, falling away further and further from the Christian faith.


And this isn’t just any christian leader. This is Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, famous for his human rights campaigns. A hugely influential voice for millions and millions of people.


Given who Archbishop Tutu is - esteemed Church leader, civil rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, cancer patient, member of The Elders - why do you think he has come to speak out on this issue?


I say probably because of a misunderstanding about the nature of compassion.


He represents the Anglicans in Africa correct? Many Africans are opposed to a lot of what the Anglican church allows now and are more conservative. I wonder how they feel about this announcement.




Tutu has done so much good in his life. It’s sad to see him come out with these views.


That’s an appeal to authority fallacy. Also, the Nobel Peace Prize has been given to controversial figures over the years.

Assisted suicide is just another element of the culture of death.


Yeah, Hank8 broke with the Church so he could divorce his wife, and then he killed the next wife anyway. He was a real peach that way.

On a completely unrelated note:

Why are Anglicans so terrible at chess?

They can’t tell the difference between a Bishop and the Queen.


From what I’ve read about his thoughts, the Archbishop, who has spent much time working for the dignity of the living, now at his age and having battled cancer, has come to speak out on people having dignity in dying as well. To show compassion that is central to his Christian faith instead of people at the end of their earthly lives being forced to endure such pain and suffering against their wishes. And why no matter what one might choose for themselves, should others be denied the right to make their own choice as well at such a time? And then to leave their souls in the hands of God for all eternity.

Why do you think ComplineSan Fran?


The point is that it is not compassion. It is discomfort. It is refusal to feel. It is saying that Christianity is not true, because he does not want it to be true.

"You go over there and die quickly, so I won’t feel bad; and you won’t have to be brave or face anything uncomfy.

“Except Hell, of course. But I am okay with you going to Hell and suffering forever.”


Suicide is not dignified. It’s a heinous and evil crime. It is murder and a violation of the 5th commandment of God.


I hate the terms “death with dignity” or “dying with dignity”. So are those who battle cancer and other horrible diseases, and chose to die a natural death, somehow undignified?


He has long been a proponent of abortion and contraception as well as euthanasia. This most recent comment is not inconsistent with his previous statements regarding life issues.


I realize all of you who are faithful Catholics speak the Catholic belief on this. But I doubt very much that Archbishop Tutu is okay with anyone going to hell nor is he judging them to hell. And no, I wouldn’t say someone who chooses to die a natural death is undignified if that is their choice.

I shall await ComplineSanFran’s further input since he/she is actually Anglican.


I know. I’d say it’s pretty courageous, actually, if it’s not motivated by pride. I think people are too often willing to ascribe it to pride, when it’s actually courage. And yes, if I were to kill myself, I think it would be due to fear of pain and suffering, not courage. I’m weak; I know myself. That’s why I think assisted suicide is so insidious, because at a difficult time in someone’s life we are encouraging people to subscribe to fear, right when they need the Marine-buddy accompanying them in the trenches through hell. What do you do when your friend is begging you to kill him/her? It’s all so twisted.


He’s not the one who decides that. In fact, his words encouraging assisted suicide might possibly encourage others to eventually end up in hell, sadly. He is promoting an evil (even though he probably doesn’t think it is evil) and encouraging others to partake in that evil. Encouraging others to commit evil, especially evil as great as suicide, is encouraging them to commit grave sins (note that I didn’t not say they are mortal, but grave sins). Committing grave sins puts one at risk of ending up in hell.


None of us are the one to decide that. That’s why I said earlier their souls are in the hands of God. Their hearts and minds are best known by God as well. And yes I have no doubt it is evil to the Catholic faith. That’s why I said you among others speak your faith. Tutu is coming from a different Christian perspective however. That’s why I am interested in knowing from someone like ComplineSanFran, who like Tutu is of the Anglican faith, why they think Tutu has come to speak out on this subject. I understand the view of the Catholic faithful on CAF about him. I have to wonder though if Pope Francis would nevertheless embrace him. I’ve seen many pictures of the Holy Father with his smile like only PF can do, welcoming and embracing Anglican leaders as well as other religious officials from around the world.


Thou shalt not kill can get pretty nuanced in some theological circles. Which as this headline demonstrates … can be deadly.

Can’t imagine reading the article will bring much illumination. Unless, of course Bishop Tutu is calling for assisted suicide … to be banned, or discouraged or something.

Given the planned result of that dubious practice … why call it medicine, why turn healing professionals into hitmen? Why wouldn’t a neighborhood thug armed with handcuffs and a plastic bag be just as … “good”?

This kind of flapdoodle ethics has gone on for Tutu long … and thanks to such weed in the field guidance and yellow journalistic sensationalism … there will probably be at least a few more victims.

As I anticipate a charity lecture soon … let me tell you first that

I’d consider silent assent to THIS stuff to be the more uncharitable option …

Instructing the ignorant is a Catholic Spiritual work of Mercy (the un-PC language of which was not my doing BTW) …

… and in doing the work of the previous paragraph, preaching to OTHER than the choir sometimes involves a different style of communication than affirming the faithful and sensible in an obvious ethical matter. The least of which is breaking up a disciplinary counsel with the light humor (IMO) of a reference to the Bishop’s
name – to offer a bit of respite to those who might feel convicted of heart for having fallen for this feverishly pitched mortal sin du jour.

Hopefully that’s not many here. But there are a lot of readers and visitors who should receive a good, strong advocacy of the NO/Never perspective on the so-called Physician Assisted Suicide racket. < Racket is blunt. But, my opinion.

Destroying a body is not saving a soul … so while Tutu has his take on the news … is he even doing so as a Bishop (or retired Bishop) at all? Or is it just his off duty political opinion and the media calls him Bishop Tutu instead of Desmond Tutu for extra juice to the story or per some vaguery of the current AP stylebook?

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