Anglican Bishops Ordained in Catholic Church



The article doesn’t even provide us the justification why the Catholic Diocese decided to allow such an event to take place in the stated cathedral. To me, this flies in the face of the separation between the Anglican denomination and the Catholic Church during the Reformation. I’m all for Anglicans being allowed to practice their religious traditions however they choose to, but to celebrate an ordination of their bishops, that are not in full and complete union with Rome, in a Catholic cathedral is appalling and should not be allowed. I just have to recall all the English and Irish martyrs who suffered because they would not give up the Catholic faith. And now, the Catholic Church is renting out cathedrals to denominations lacking complete union with Rome. What’s next? Renting out St. Peter’s Bascilica to the AoGs for alter calls. Ridiculous! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Is there anymore information about this ceremony?

Dominus vobsicum


Well, this is the American Church for ya. There are loonies in and among the bishops. Of course we don’t know much about this story yet, as the article doesn’t do any ‘splainin’.

There is a possible upside. Maybe some of the attendees will be influenced towards Catholicism by means of exposure to things Catholic during this ceremony. I was strongly influenced towards Catholicism when I attended a Protestant retreat held at a Catholic seminary facility in New York.


In East Cleveland, there is an Episcopal parish that has services every Sunday at a Catholic parish. The Catholic parish has declining membership because of changing neighbourhood demographics. The Episcopal parish experienced similar decline in membership due to the same reasons, and their church building was literally falling apart. The Episcopal parish could not afford to fix the church building, so they made an arrangement to use the Catholic church building for services.

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