Anglican -Catholic Weddings

I wonder if this is still the practice -both Priests of each denomination participating in the wedding of an Anglican and RC or did female Priests end this


The suggestions given below apply to a non-eucharistic Anglican or Roman-Catholic Wedding ceremony. The parts marked with asterisks may be performed by the assisting Anglican/ Roman Catholic priest.


  1. Entrance of Roman Catholic and Anglican Clergy
  2. The greeting and Charge*
  3. The Declaration of Consent*
  4. Prayer*
  5. Readings*
  6. Homily*
  7. Rite of Marriage
  8. The Prayers, beginning with the Lord’s Prayer*
  9. Final Blessing*


  1. Entrance of Roman Catholic and Episcopal Clergy
  2. Greeting
  3. Prayer
  4. Readings*
  5. Homily*
  6. Rite of Marriage
  7. Invitatory
  8. Petitions*
  9. Nuptial Blessing
  10. Lord’s Prayer*
  11. Concluding Blessing*


The Anglican-Roman Catholic Committee of New York is happy to offer this statement on marriage for the assistance of Episcopal and Roman Catholic clergy and laity. We are mindful that until the advent if the ardently awaited full union between our two churches, it is preferred that Anglican and Roman Catholics marry within their own churches in order to share their specific faith traditions with each other and their children. However, the increasing number of marriages between Anglican and Roman Catholics indicates the need for the foregoing statement. It is our prayerful hope that the partners of these marriages will grow in fidelity to their own heritages and in reverence for each other’s while providing their children with clear and vibrant religious convictions. We encourage them to celebrate their conjugal union and their family life in Jesus Christ through mutual faith, hope and love, enhanced by prayer and enriched by the Holy Scriptures. Finally, we ask the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to bless these Anglican-Roman-Catholic marriages with true peace, happiness and holiness.

February 1, 1984

This is how my wife and I got married in 2010. The ceremony was conducted in an Episcopal Church with a RC priest co-presiding. The Anglican priest performed the Rite of Marriage and the RC priest lead the prayers and final blessing. The RC priest also gave a blessing during the “Let no man put asunder” section of the rite which is a very nice and rather sweet part of the rite when the priest binds the hands of the couple with his stole.

Both of our priests were very accommodating but you may encounter priests that aren’t willing to participate which I believe is their prerogative.

If you want more info I’m more than happy to supply it.

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