Anglican Church continues to disintegrate


Liberal Episcopal Bishop invalidates election of conservative:

George Weigel on Anglican Communion:


This is so sad.


Her action is laughable considering her “status” as bishop is invalid of itself, let alone in any ordained position.


Another article on this can be found in the above thread. Sad to see this ecclesial organization coming apart in this way:crying:. I used to call it home, and it taught me many good things . If only they would follow Newman’s example and come home to the unity of the faith.


not sure what the original poster’s question was - seemed like more of a statement.

That said, I’m not sure there is a great difference between the liberals and conservatives in the Espiscopal church…and the growing gap between traditionalist and progressive Catholics. Both denominations have challenges in this regard. We should hope and pray that the Episcopals solve their problem and that we solve our own Catholic problem.

The Episcopals have an advantage however - the conservatives can split and join with the Anglicans and remain “in communion”. The remaining Episcopal church would be none the worse for wear in the U.S.

The Catholic Church can’t endure such a split - because to split from Rome means to lose the identity of being “Catholic”.


Cardinal Newman described Anglican theology as unstable. Sadly, this is proving true, even among those who seek to cling to the truths they have.

Here in Canada, the situation is pretty much parallel to that in the US. In June, the Anglican Church of Canada could come apart. But even among those who are opposing the people who are disregarding historic Christian teaching, there is a division. One group seeks to reform the Anglican Church of Canada. Another wants to set up something new to remain connected to the other Christians in their communion. Some in Canada have left the AC of C altogether, and have associated with a US based group, the Anglican Mission in America, under the oversight of African Anglican Archbishops. Now that group has divided, into one group which recognizes women priests, and one that does not.

In summary, 3 groups in Canada, one of which has joined a group that has itself formed into 2 groups. And this is just the Anglicans who belonged to the US and Canadian churches that are in the Anglican communion. Add in the Anglican groups outside the communion, some of whom have formed a group with some of the US and Canadian groups I spoke of already, and one gets a real plate of spaghetti. Very sad, actually, and it all makes me wonder about how seriously to take these communiques coming out of joint Catholic and Anglican groups. Because when one say Anglican today, one has to be a bit more specific to know what is being spoken about.




A cogent observation.


posterus traditus Anglicanus


“Where orthodoxy becomes optional it soon becomes proscribed.”


Yeh it would have been nice to have a Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cantebury and York, along with the Benedictine monks in Duhram Cathederal again. But that would only be a dream, that is unlikely to happen. But who knows. If the Poles keep on migrating to England, like they are now, and with them their Roman Catholic faith, you never know what might happen. Think positive :thumbsup:

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