Anglican Church converted to Orthodox Church


Saint Matthias Anglican Church becomes Saint Antonios Orthodox Church

*Who doesn’t love a good before and after?

That was my thought when I first started covering the renovation of Saint Matthias Anglican Church into Saint Antonios Eastern Orthodox Church.

After close to three years of renovations, the Lebanese Orthodox Church held its first Sunday service last weekend*…

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Wow that’s a pretty amazing transformation. Did they actually reverse the direction of the interior of the church?

I thought that Anglican Church is supposed to face east, too

Lovely! So many churches are turned into secular and even profane uses when they close, so its wonderful this one was taken over by another Christian community.

I wasn’t referring to the Anglican alignment per se (though not all churches, Anglican or Catholic face actual east obviously). I was referring to the inside and outside views where it appears that where the front doors were when it was an Anglican church are now the area where the Orthodox church has placed the Altar.

Nice thread. (I wonder if I’m the only one who initially thought you were talking about an Anglican parish converting to Orthodoxy.)

Nope. I did too, by the title of the thread.


that is what I thought!

I wondered how many ears I’d perk… :wink:

I thought so too. The wording of the headline could have been made a bit clearer, even by inserting the word ‘building’ after Anglican Church. But it was a great piece.

So it wasn’t just me then … That’s good, I was afraid it was a sign I had developed a WRO obsession. :blush:

My first thought was a parish conversion. That lasted about a nanosecond, shifted to building changes hands.

I quit speculating, at that point.

Admittedly my first reaction was also that a parish had changed from Anglican to Orthodox. I was kind of disappointed when that wasn’t the case as I’m always intrigued when an entire parish changes affiliation.

And it’s not out of the realm of possibility that an Anglican church could change to Orthodox or vice versa, particularly among the more conservative Anglican groups like the ACNA. Up until the 70’s when the Anglican communion started ordaining women the two branches of Christianity had fairly cordial relations with the east even recognizing Anglican holy orders as valid if not transferable.

I do wonder if any of the previous Anglican congregation attend the church or are considering Orthodoxy.

Wonderful that there’s a new Orthodox church, but I prefer the red to the white.

I’m actually more intrigued what happened to the previous Anglican congregation. Usually congregations don’t just up and disappear. I wonder if they were a breakaway church or if the diocese was just consolidating.

I was wondering the same thing.

Padres, I went back to the original article and read the comments section. One of them gave us the answer to your question.

It read:

‘Saint Matthias Anglican Church was a sweet little gem. I attended when I lived in the neighbourhood. Father Dye was the Anglican Priest at the time. That church joined with another Anglican church. I’m so happy to see that the church lives on as another Christian church Saint Antonios Eastern Orthodox Church. A lovely transformation.’

It appears, according to the diocesan web site, that members of St Matthias were joined with Church of the Apostles, also in Halifax.

Thanks for the info!

I thought as you did…Anglicans converting to Orthodoxy. Then I read further and understood.
in Christ’s love
Tweedlealice :shrug:

So this conversation begs the question: Are there any Anglican congregations that have become Orthodox?

I could ask around the Episcopal Church in the US, but I have not heard of any. Canada? UK? Australia? Does anyone have any inkling?

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