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Can anyone, especially in Canada, tell me some things about the Anglican Church in Canada? My DH is from Slave Lake, Alberta, grew up and was baptized and confirmed in this church. According to him, in his small town the parish didn’t have enough parishioners to be supported on their own, so they supposively merged with the United Church of Canada when he was a young adult.

Is the Anglican Church a part of the United Church or are they separate? How do they compare to the Episcopalian Church here in the US? My DH refuses to go to any of the ECUSA churches here because of their divergences in traditional practices. (He’s attracted to the Catholic Church for this reason, but has yet to make a move towards conversion.)

Any insight you can provide me would be greatly appreciated…God Bless!

This maybe a helpful link for you.

God Bless!

Thanks for the link! That was very helpful!

The “Church of England” is Anglican…
I’m from England (London) and there are hardly any catholic churches here…

Anglican; It’s not under the pope, it’s not catholic and it dominates Britain along with protestant denominations… :frowning:

I so badly want to be catholic… I’m greiving.

I’m stuck in my methodist beliefs…

I love catholic churches - I feel at home with christ in them…

xxx jennifer xx

(sorry for being so gloomy):snowing:

You must play for the American League–DH designated hitter LOL

What exactly is pulling you toward Catholicism (apart from obviously the Holy Spirit! :))? You say you’re stuck in your Methodist beliefs. What exactly are you in disagreement about in Catholicism and what barriers are keeping you feeling that you can’t go to RCIA and inquire? You say you’re at home in Catholic churches—it sounds more like the edifice than the doctrine? I’d love to hear what questions you have or hesitations you have…if I can be of any advice, input, or you’d like to talk, IM me anytime.

In Christ,

The Anglican Church of Canada is the Canadian member church of the Anglican Communion. Talks to form a merger with the United Church of Canada (which IMO is barely Christian) thankfully fell apart in the 70s.

No the Anglican Church in Canada is not part of the United Church, thankfully.

The United Church founded itself in Canada as a union of Presbyterians, Methodists, and Congregationalists. Remarkably, many Presbyterians did not sign up and they have their nice little churches here in Canada, separate from the United. It’s a shame in going for country drives in Canada that one sees beautiful United Churches built in beautiful 19th Architecture and steeples, gorgeous lawns, and yet those parishioners who built those churches originally would in all honesty be astonished at what their church now teaches. The United Church in Canada is known as the NDP (our Socialist Party) at prayer. Their main mover now, IMHO, is not Christ but leftist progressivist social-political action. To some Moderators of the United Church (head-honchos) Jesus Christ’s divinity can be questioned and denied without any penalty and the triune essence of God denied. It that’s an acceptable tenet of faith for a church leader to have, then this is your church.

The Anglican Church is separate and like the United has some magnificent cathedrals and churches (I’m trying to remember but I think their 2 Cathedrals in Toronto might outdo in size our St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Cathedral). They, Canadian Anglicans, are not necessarily stringent leftists like much of the United. However, strains are developing, I assume because of what is blowing up continent from the U.S. Episcopelian Church (a member of the world Anglican Communion like Canada’s Anglican Church). The issues of womens’ ordination firstly and then homosexual unions later led chronoligally first to the break-off (maybe not right word obviously, so traditionalist) Anglican Catholic Church of Canada and the Anglican Network of Canada.

I’m Catholic so probably made some mistakes in such a short answer but perhaps the Anglo-Catholic poster can kindly correct me if I’m wrong.

God Bless! :slight_smile:

Whatever you do, make sure the Anglican church you join is part of the ACNA, the new ‘more’ orthodox Anglican North American province that recently began with their convention in Texas. They’re a far cry from the libertine, left-wing 1960’s hippie commune known as TEC in which many liberal Anglican Church of Canada churches are in league.

Tread carefully and be careful. But then again, you’ll know the difference when you sit down and listen to your first sermon in a liberal TEC-style church, trust me! If it sounds like Oprah mixed with the LOGO gay and lesbian channel with a touch of Phillis Diller thrown in, you’re in a church that is in league with TEC…:smiley:

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