Anglican Council Gets Ready for Debte

"…The Anglican Consultative Council (ACC), held every two or three years, has historically served to develop common policies, ecumenical decisions, and co-operative work within the international communion.

The setting for this year’s ACC, however, is marked with unbridled divisions that stem from the U.S. Episcopal Church’s ordination of an active homosexual bishop and the Canadian church’s blessing of same-sex unions.

“We can’t ignore the seriousness of what divides us,” said Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, during his opening remarks at the ACC. “We can’t guarantee anything at this point.”

Earlier in the year, the representatives from the two North American denominations were asked to “voluntarily withdraw” from the ACC because of the theological divide. They were also given time to “reflect” on their theology and were urged to apologize for taking actions contrary to historic Anglican teaching on sexuality.

While the two churches agreed to temporarily withdraw their membership from the ACC, they decided to send their representatives as “observers” to the conference. These representatives are scheduled to give a theological justification for their views on homosexuality tomorrow…"

The fierce battle within the Anglican Church over homosexual clergy and same-sex marriage has brought the Canadian and American branches of the faith to the brink of banishment by the Church’s ruling bodies meeting in England.

The controversy flared up at the Anglican Consultative Council session in Nottingham yesterday, pitting the liberal, pro-homosexual Canadian and American congregations against a hardline coalition of African and Asian wings that bitterly opposes homosexual involvement in Church affairs.

At the root of the dispute is the consecration of openly gay clergyman Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire and the decision by the diocese of New Westminster, B.C., to authorize the blessing of same-sex marriage.
The same-sex confrontation in the Church comes as the Parliament of Canada is locked in an equally bitter showdown over government legislation that would make Canada only the third nation in the world to legalize formal same-sex marriage.

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