Anglican leadership will force acceptance of women bishops, sources report [CWN]

[quote="EvangelCatholic]How about SaintFrancis333 claim that “Satan created Protestantism”

I can only imagine the embarrassment of other Catholics when reading such nonsense. Maybe SaintFrancis333 could read a bit more from both St Francis of Assisi or Pope Francis.

I’m not sure I would credit it entirely to Satan (arrogance and bad actions on both sides, really - overt, “we’re better than you” arrogance and evil practices for self gain among way too many leaders on the Catholic side, and “I am more intelligent than all who have come before” arrogance among way too many leaders on the Protestant side), but yes - as Catholics, we believe that God intended there to be one visibly united Church, and so that the shattering of the Church into so many pieces is evil. That is definitely not to say that no good has come of Protestantism, or that Protestants are completely wrong, only that ideally there would be no division and so the creation of the movement which brought it about was evil. But there is that whole God can bring good out of evil thing, so saying that the creation of Protestantism was evil is not the same as saying that everything within Protestantism is evil.

But while some of us Catholics could be more diplomatic in our phrasing, I think some Protestants could benefit from thinking about what is and is not being said before getting offended. We’re Catholic. Clearly, we think that Protestantism is wrong, or we would be Protestant, just as Protestants are Protestants rather than Catholics because they think that Catholicism is wrong and that their version of Protestantism is correct. So while some of us should definitely work on recognizing the good that has come out of Protestantism after it happened, it should be no surprise when a Catholic says the Protestant movement was a bad thing - any more than it would be a surprise for a Protestant to say it was a good thing.

Likewise, it should be no surprise when a Catholic looks at such things as this Anglican women bishop thing, and says “well, they didn’t have valid orders anyway, but now they’re moving their understanding of the priesthood even further away from the truth, and so are making themselves even more wrong than they were already.” Such a view is simply the logical consequence of believing Catholic doctrine.

First are Anglicans protestants? They hold many of the same docrines as Catholics Protestants hold no turth such as Christ raising from the dead and the ressurection in fact they confess their faith in the same prayer as you do in the nicene creed…
Even through ther are some differences yes both Catholic and Protest hold turth.

I Have alot of respect for the Rcc. I was one myself for about fifty years. Married bought my kids up.I left because of the belief of the pope and not to much for the docrines That why I went to a church that hold alot of Catholic beliefs. Now all mine family are to. Half of my family wete Protestant and I believe they are right in heaven with the catholic.Now you said that Satan is in the Anglicanism for gay marriage,women priest and gay priests. I don’t agree with it either.By say satan is at work at this youre are right.The Catholic is not protected in this because you yhink it’s the true church. How about petaphile priests and than Rome hiding these facts and putting them in another parish. Evil popes, bad happens in the churchthat caused the reformation. Thhe church got over all this and is still strong because of God…The anglican communion will over come with the help of God

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