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Quick question: It is my understanding that Anglican clergy do not have valid Apostolic Succession (usually), and thus aren’t valid in the eyes of the Church. That being said, how would it work when an Anglican clergymen wishes to convert to Catholicism?

If he is to serve as a priest, he has to be (in the view of the RC church) ordained.

And, with very rare exceptions, that ordination will done absolutely, not sub conditione.


They got to a Catholic Seminary for 2 or 3 years and then are ordained. First as a Deacon and then as a Priest.

Are you certain that all necessarily attend seminary? And of so, can you give the source of this requirement?

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My hunch is that Anglican priests entering the Catholic Church do not attend a seminary for another 2-3 years. Likely less than a year and on weekends.

It doesn’t necessarily take that long. The former Anglican pastor of St. John the Evangelist here in Calgary was in formation for only 6 months before he was ordained. Even as an Anglican, his grasp of Catholic theology was already solid; he was already orthodox, and there was probably little or no error in him to correct (he was Anglo-Catholic). He was received into the Church in December 2011 and by June 2012, he was a Catholic priest, ministering again to his former Anglican congregation.

This matches somewhat my own memories of reading how it might happen. To the point that (perhaps), no formal seminary attendance was required.


Thanks all. The info clears up a lot.:slight_smile:

Sorry, my math was wrong (that’s what I get for doing it off memory), and it may not necessarily be seminary per say…

But it does look like it takes approx 2 years on average. The below is quotes from this link:

The Holy See expects that a petitioner should normally experience full communion for two years before ordination to the priesthood. If the sponsoring bishop has sufficient pastoral reasons, he may petition the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith through the office of the Ecclesiastical Delegate for a reduction of this time, after the certification examination has been successfully completed.

Monsignor Steenson converted in Dec 2007 and was ordained a priest in Feb 2009. He even studied in Rome.

Within the US Ordinariate and I assume all of them, it took around 6 months and the seminary studies were done on the computer, as the priests were from all over the US. They also met for a conference, however, I don’t know exactly what it was about or when it was.

Also as far as those men coming from TEC, they had several years of seminary and what I believe they were doing to prepare for the Catholic priesthood was a formation on what one must believe and do as a Catholic priest. The Ordinary was not part of the Ordinariate and was received I believe through the Pastoral Provision. Actually he was not a Catholic priest for many years before becoming the Ordinary (at least that is my information).

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Ok, after some further research, looks like I am wrong. The 2 years was before the Ordinariate. Now it’s much faster. Looks like it took the Philadelphia Ordinariate pastor only a few months to get ordained.

BTW, the Ordinary was a priest from Feb 2009 until his appointment.

Thanks for questioning me. Always learning something new here.

Most Catholics and Anglicans really have no idea of the existence of an Ordinariate, nor that it is part of the Latin Rite Church.

I find that I am wrong about many issues, however, I have followed the Ordinariate and Anglican Use for the past 30 years and know or know of many of the priests. Although many parts of the creation of it and the liturgy have been kept pretty quiet.

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