Anglican Ordinariates in So. Cal

Are there going to be any Anglican Ordinariates in Southern California? If so, does anyone know where?

The ordinariate will be the overall “diocese” of the States or particular country it is setup in.

As for a parish or mission? Unknown at this time. Check the following websites over the next few weeks/months. (homepage of the ACA for list of parishes) Can also access the ACA homepage through theanglocatholic site. Parishes are listed by State.

Also these sites have been used by Catholics who were anglican to start the process of forming Anglican Use parishes with various degrees of success.

Fr. Mark

That might also be in the plural. We might very well have more than one Ordinariate here in the States covering different areas.

Eventually yes of course. At this moment, per my talks with people in the process, it should be one Ordinary and as the AU grows, additional ones will be created. How fast really depends on growth of the number of parishes and their geographical locations.

Anglicans such as TAC or even mine at the moment REC, have run huge geogarphical Dioceses that would cover multiple states. For example you will see the Diocese of the Southeastern United States for an Anglican Diocese. The Church would have at least a dozen in the same geographical area. Anglicans make use of Deanaries to group parishes. The Anglicans are use to operating with a different structure. Go to any Anglican Jurisdictions webpage to see how they structure their dioceses. At first that will be how the Ordinariate will be grouped.

I pray that soon after the initial Ordinariate is formed, growth will have us restructuring.


I don’t know if they are going to structure things like the anglicans have it. I would guess it would be like the military ordinate.Right now there is still so much up in the air. Its a tough ground because this hasn’t been done before. I guess we just need to keep are ears to the ground.

When we had a dicussion with Cardinal DiNardo he brought up lots of issue with the ordinate because there is the property issues (who owns the property, where will churches be, the acutal number of people who will come over and the size and numbers of the churches), and then dealing with priest (who pays for their medical, retirement and deal with church liabilites insurance) and what about simply the issue of anglican priest. They will have to go through a process of becoming catholic priest and then what about future priest? We are going to have to figure out how to educate seminarians (do we use the catholic ones in the diocese or make a national one?) Lots to figure out. Which is why rome is taking its time gathering infomation.

Have you heard about the anglican Use conference?

P.S.S…Welcome Home (soon hopefully)!

You know, I just re-read your original question when this thread was updated. It seems like we’ve been misunderstanding your question.

An ordinariate is like a diocese, so once the US has this new structure for Anglican-Catholic parishes, there will certainly be an ordinariate for So. California, but it might not necessarily be located in So Calif. The entire US will comprise one huge ordinariate (probably only one at first, and possibly more in the future).

I think what you meant to ask is: will there be any Anglican-Catholic parishes in So. Calif.? Is that so?

For many Catholics, this is a whole new vocabulary. For everyone, much of the vocabulary has yet to be invented.

Yes, your are quite correct Fr., I am wondering where Anglican-Catholic parishes will be. Asked in another way, are there any Anglican parishes that are going to come into the ordinariate and which are they?

There is a small Anglican church which is the cathedral for one of the breakaway portions [TAC I think] in Fountain Valley on Bushard between Slater and Talbert. I understand they were among the first in line to take advantage of the offer… Haven’t heard how that is proceeding.

Taken from the webpage of the Diocese of the West (ACA which is the US part of TAC)

All Saint’s Anglican Church
1+ 714-963-3801
18082 Bushard Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708-5761

Believe this is who you are talking about.

The ACA home page, given earlier, will be a useful source for finding Anglican Use parishes once the ordinariate is established.

Fr. Mark

Yes - thank you Father. It is a bit quaint looking outside. I haven’t been in it. A friend who did some stained glass windows for them says it is very attractive.

If I recall accurately I spoke to Bishop Williams at All Saints, altough I might be mistaken, there are very few Continuing Anglican parishes of any sort in So. California.

If he is the one I spoke to, he said that they were not interested in the Ordianariate. He said they had been around for the past 20 years. I asked him how many members did he have and he said around 20.

I know that St. Mary of the Angels in Los Angleles is affiliated with TAC, but as far as I know they aren’t coming in. I did speak to their Rector, Fr. Kelly a few months ago and he just said “we will see”. That didn’t sound very promising, but who knows where the Holy Spirit will lead them.

I would love to have any Anglicans/Episcopalians contact me in So. California who are interested in getting together to form a group wanting to join the Ordianariate and establish a mission.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


I hope and pray Eastern PA gets a few Anglican Ordinariate parishes. And in the country side as well. Like in England.

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