Anglican Private Confession


This ought to get a few responses.


That’s a relief.


Then, (I say this with all due charity) don’t make assertions concerning the validity of other church’s sacraments.


I see you aren’t sure what that was supposed to mean, yes. I’m not sure you understood the OP.


I propose a drinking game. One shot for every mention of “Anglican Church,” “divorce,” and “motley.”


wait a second, there is only one True Church

some pagan rites accept goat throat-slitting as a sacrament

am i to accept that as a “valid scacrament” ?


One shot for me, or one shot for everyone?


For the Catholics here:

The only ‘Anglican’ church mentioned in this thread that is in full communion with Rome is the Anglican Ordinate.


Shall we call the Ordinariate a church?



Don’t comment on things that you yourself say you are ignorant concerning.


I dont know the technicalities, nor do I especially want to get into them.
I just wanted to make that clarification.


I appreciate (if I comprehend) your comment. But it valid (so to speak) to make assertions about Anglican sacraments, if one is RC.


Technically, the Ordinariate is an Ordinariate. Part of a (the) Church.


ok, moderator

are anglican sacraments valid in the roman church or not?

your answer is “maybe”

my response is why bother with the anglicans?

it is a dying, fruitless semi-catholic church wannabe

good luck finding an anglican church that is even open for more than one mid-morning sunday service

the anglican church has gone dormant

come home to mother rome

you need us…


I’m just speaking to avoid confusion among the Catholics here. Not trying to diss CoE.


As I said, I appreciate the sentiment.


Yea, I know the CAF drill. :roll_eyes:


One could try my parish. Two services. Weekly, maybe 5 total.

  1. I’m not a mod.
  2. I never said that Anglican sacraments are valid in the RCC. What I actually said, is that the Personal Ordinate of Saint Peter, AKA the Anglican Ordinate, a group of former anglicans now in full communion with Rome has valid sacraments.

Does that make sense?


You are very welcome.

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