Anglican Private Confession


i’ve noticed no one has addressed my conversation w/ an anglican priest

who said to me “we are catholic, but english” ; whereas no priest here in USA would EVER say “we are catholic, but american”

i guess that curveball caught you wannabes on the inside corner; STRIKE OUT!


Why don’t you ask him yourself? Do you expect us to read his mind?

Additionally, again, you’re getting pretty worked up about a subject, that you say you dont know much about. Why not do some research of your own, rather than have others do it for you?


Yes. Of course it’s valid. Anglican Ordinariate parishes are Roman Catholic parishes!


Well, it turns out that not everyone knows that…


Not jumping you about it. But everybody should know about the OCSP by now.


Not necessarily. It is common ( but not universal) for an Anglican to say he is Catholic, but not Roman. Or that he is Catholic, in the Anglican tradition. Not sure what Catholic but English would imply, but something like that is my guess.


Well, not everyone does. Exhibit A thereof, Mr. Custer.


Not knowing about it is one thing. Not knowing about it but bashing it anyway is quite another.


I prefer inclusiveness rather than binary solution sets (Episcopalian you know).

I’d say both.


Years back, on the old board, it was talked about a great deal But it was new and shiny, then.


Of course, some (not you, Mr. Custer) probably think FSSP is schismatic. And Opus Dei has murderous albino monks.


look, i don’t want a flame war

i’ll just ask; why does the english catholic church insist on maintaining (their rather stubborn) independence from rome

no other national “branch” of Mother Church does that

false pride?


Who are you talking about by saying ‘English Catholic Church’?

If you mean the Ordinate, look up Sui Iuris churches sometime. All in communion with Rome, none of them Latin.


It’s complicated, Brian. Anglican churchmanship ranges from very high church Anglo Catholics, some of whom did join the Ordinariate, to very low church, Methodism style and Enangelical Anglicans. Even quasi-Baptist Anglican in my experience. And all of these within the same jurisdiction.
Then there’s the TEC /C of A vs. ACNA vs. Continuing Anglican mess. Continuing Anglicanism is an alphabet soup of competing and overlapping jurisdictions.


i will admit; i don’t understand it

i guess smarty pants, snarky posters like max can keep telling ignorant roman rites like me “you don’t understand”

i’m sure that 90% of " english anglican catholics" don’t understand either

how was such a muddled mess created in the first place?


There are competing explanations but probably because there were humans involved.


Hmm…I would think the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter here in North America must be a particular church, now that they have their own bishop.


They are a Roman Catholic Ordinariate. Established by Pope Benedict XVI.


Yes, I know. The Catholic Church is comprised of a couple thousand particular churches in full communion with Rome and with one another. Each and every diocese, under a bishop, is a particular church.


Except that the OCSP is non-territorial. In that sense I think they are like the FSSP. Though the FSSP are under the control of their local ordinary, yes?

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