Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church

What is this story with this group? Are they in union with Rome or not? When did they come into union?

here is the website

And no they are not Anglican Use Roman Catholic Parishes.

They are not, they are very crafty with their language though, the untrained eye will assume they are in full communion with Rome.

The Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church is a historical community of the Catholic Faith in the Anglican Tradition. Stemming from its historic Metropolitan See, the Archdiocese of the Southwest, it operates worldwide to spread the missionary Gospel of the pilgrim Church. Blessed with the gift of autonomy and independence, and in spiritual sympathy and unity with His Holiness, Benedict XVI, we work to exemplify the example of our Lord through the Charism of the Holy Spirt and the Intercessions of Our Lady in the daily advance of spiritual discipleship as our Anglican Catholic Faithful advance in their daily walk with Christ.

Thats it, thats the catch phrase. Anytime “independence” comes up, its not Catholic, its not in communion. Not one of the 22 Eastern Catholic Churches use the word “independent” to describe themselves.

The next catch phrase is “spiritual sympathy and unity”. They put the word “sympathy” in there to confuse you, what they really meant is “spiritual unity”, meaning they are one “in spirit”. It means they are not one at all.

Another pseudo-Catholic group.

Seem to be a splinter of a splinter in the continuing Anglican movement:

Not sure if they actually have valid orders or not, as there seems to be sketchy info on this group.


They are not.

Thats what I thought Constantine.

They messaged me on Facebook to be their friend. One thing lead to another and they about lost it when I asked how I could look up their history on re-union with Rome. That sent up some huge red flags and confirmed what I thought. I just wanted to make sure I was right, in the name of charity.

It’s also good to see you around on other forums besides EC. :slight_smile:

I must say, the quality of these pseudo-Catholic churches are getting better and better. Even the background color of their website is similar to the one used by the Vatican. And its well organized, well worded and well presented. Could fool anyone.

Not to mention the use of Latin on their name.

It looks like a mockery of the Catholic Church. I remember someone once did something like that and made a site where you could go pay indulgences. I believe that web site is being built by people who have a deep hatred of the Catholic Church and ANGLICANORUM COETIBUS and they are mocking and snaring at them.

However, these guys seem serious! Why would people entertain so much deliberate confusions? and claim following and worshiping the Truth (Christ)? Amazing. I have a felling that if I were to attend that Church thinking that I am in regular ‘papist’ Catholic Church, they would never tell me that I am actually not what I thought I was. This is quite vicious and honestly evil! They seem to be forcing themselves into the Catholic Church.

Actually, it’s one of the worst sites possible by today’s standards. It would have looked semi-acceptable in maybe the 90s. This is not good, up to date web design. Fear not.

Great that means less people will be fooled into confusing them with the Catholic Church.

If they are a bit of the Continuum, this is the first I have heard of them, under this name.


traditus posterus Anglicanus

I don’t think they are Continuing Anglicans.

That ‘‘bishop’’ or whatever he poses as looks awfully young…

That is why I said they seem to be a splinter of a splinter… honestly it could be Bubba in his mom’s basement putting up a website. You can’t really tell.

They are probably just as Anglican as other Continuing groups of Anglicans, which there are many and I think growing.

This is not the first group that hides behind false labels. Also I have just experienced a very sad situation with one of the Anglican Catholic churches priests who has a website.

Such anger and hatred towards his former Anglican brothers and sisters who are headed for the Ordinariate is very disheartening.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


I’ve heard that the Catholic Church has been accepting Anglican bishops and priests back into their folds, but is there a ligitimate Anglican-rites Church that is in union with the Roman Catholic Church?

This is correct.

There is no such thing as the Anglican Rite.

The Latin Rite of the Catholic Church has an Anglican Use liturgy approved for use in various parishes.

See here:

True. I seriously doubt this is a serious Continuum group.


It is worth noting that the Metropolitan was an Eagle Scout.

Why the “” quotes and statement that the bishop is “pretending?” Catholics, me included, would be furious at hearing such a statement directed toward our clergy? :frowning:

I heard he was a Trekkie, too :D:p

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