Anglican sisters leave Church to take up Pope's communion

TWELVE nuns are leaving their Oxfordshire convent after converting to Catholicism.

The dozen are the first in Oxfordshire – and only the second in the country – to leave the Church of England for the Roman Catholic Church under a new initiative set up by the Pope.

:thumbsup: Go sisters!

what about indulgences?

indulgences bring back sin cannot be reasoned away, but rather those that sin must go and amend their sin, and that can call for a mere, OH, IM sorrry, naannapoopoo, you have to forgive me. NO, indulgences in a sense bring out, you cannot merely reason away sin, you need to go and make it right and never do it again in all good faith of effort.

the church of England and the kings said the heck with having to make sin right, they were the instigators that they were above God and could reason sin away… to not have to make it right. Adultry was OK because they had killed their wife, and since she died, they didnt have to admit they were divorcing them, they were dead. and since the murder wasnt proven, they reasoned that away also…

aleinatin cannot be reasoned away, it must be healed. indulgeneces, were apart of that recognition .

Good news! The Franciscans of the Atonement came to Catholicism in 1898. They are the original inspiration for all Anglicans to reconcile!

Wha??? :confused:

Welcome Home Sisters!


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