Anglican to Catholic Franciscan?

God’s peace. I posted before, but received no answer. I am a new Catholic who was encouraged to remain as a Professed Tertiary in the Anglican Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion (short of participating in Eucharist) by my Catholic bishop. Last October, I really felt separated at our convocation and wish to transfer to a genuinely Catholic Franciscan order.

I spent over two years in discernment and formation as a tertiary. Do I have to start all over again? Some people have told me that relations are quite friendly among Anglican and Catholic Franciscans and that I shouldn’t have to do this. What can you tell me?

Dear B,

I cannot imagine why a Catholic, let alone a bishop, would encourage you to remain in an Anglican third order. You started over to become a Catholic. What’s so bad about starting over to become a Catholic tertiary? Stay away from Catholic Franciscans who are quite chummy with non-Catholic tertiaries. I know this isn’t politically correct, but you need to put your past in the past. You became a Catholic for a reason. That reason should guide your future.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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