Anglican Use Churches & Communion

Please forgive my ignorance, but with the whole thing about the Anglican bishops and 50 or so priests converting to Catholicism, it got me thinking. Aren’t there already Anglican Use parishes in the US that are in full communion with the Holy See? If so, that would mean a Latin Rite Catholic like me can receive communion while there, right?

If that’s the case, what parishes in the US are authentic Anglican Use parishes? I found the site and was wondering if this is a legit list. I know eventually there will be ordinariates created in the US, but until then, are these churches valid to attend Mass at?

The Anglican Use is a Catholic Mass. Its basically the Anglican Mass tweaked to conform to Catholic theology and ensure that all the essential elements of the Mass are there and the words for the Eucharist are valid (or would produce a valid Sacrament).

Yes, any Catholic can validly go to an Anglican Use Mass, receive Communion and fulfill Sunday/Holiday Obligation because it is a Catholic Mass.

As of today there’s only a short list of parishes in the US. I heard the Ordinariate is being established in the UK in January and if thats the case there will be Anglican Use Masses there as well. US, Canada and Australia should be follow shortly and this would mean an expansion of the use of the Anglican Use. Most of whats coming in are Traditional Anglican parishes, but there may be a few Episcopailian parishes that also has expressed their desire to join the Ordinariate.

That looks like a valid list. I know that there are only like around 8 or 9 in the whole US, and that there’s one in San Antonio and one in Massachusetts, so everything seems to match.

Thanks for the replies! I just wanted to be sure I had the right list since some Anglicans use the word Catholic but aren’t. Seems like it’s the right one! :thumbsup:

“Anglican Use” is exclusively a Catholic term. Anglicans who call themselves Catholic like Anglo-Catholics wouldn’t call their Mass “Anglican Use”.

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