What do Catholics think of Anglicans?


They are just another Protestant branch in my opinion.

You can’t be “just almost Catholic”. Either you are, or you aren’t. And they aren’t.



Depends what kind fo Anglicans. In general, they are not seen to have valid apostolic succession anymore. Besides that, some Anglican groups are practically identical to Catholicism while other groups are very protestant and/or very liberal.



This is kind of a broad question and I think you’ll have to be more specific in what you are looking for. Anglicans as people? The history of their church? How their beliefs and practices match up with those of Catholicism?


They despise us. We really, really annoy them. That’s our main reason for existing!



Can we all try to have a meaningful conversation instead? :smiley:


Sounds like the people at the movie theater who talk through the whole thing…I didn’t realize they were Anglicans! :smiley:


OTOH, we generally like them.


Anglicanus Catholicus


You and I do. Try hanging out with the liberal Episcopalians on beliefnet (most of them ex-Catholics) and you’ll hear a different story!



originally posted by Contarini
Try hanging out with the liberal Episcopalians on beliefnet (most of them ex-Catholics)

The question was ‘what do Catholics think of anglicans?’.
A liberal episcopalian ex-catholic is NOT qualified to give a Catholic opinion.
Why would anyone care what they think or say?


I would never do such a thing. You’re a better man than I am.



Anglicans are like Longfellow’s little girl:

There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good,
She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid.


I do believe you misunderstood Contarini’s reply.



To me, they used to be the “ultimate high church protestants”; the ruling class. Now, they seem to be divided between the near-Catholic and the bizarre.

I will say most of them I have ever known were pretty well educated and their clergy have quite a command of the English language. Otherwise, to me, they’re protestants, and there’s not much more to know about that.


since I live in America, I don’t know many Anglicans, and I don’t make a practice of making general opinion statements about entire groups of people whom I don’t know. There are a few Anglicans for whom I have a high regard, such as Dorothy Sayers and C S Lewis.


I feel the same way as you. I only know one person who is ex-Episcopalian, now Lutheran. I have never met any practicing Episcopalians or Anglicans.


I have an Episcopal church as a customer, they are nice people but they reckon women make good priests:confused: I would never attend for that reason.
Of Course I am Congregational Methodist instead of Catholic so my opinion probably isn’t relevent to this thread.


I was a good little Anglo-Catholic until Easter Vigil, when my husband and I were received into the Catholic Church. (Our priest keeps telling us to stop saying “Roman” Catholic–that we were not Catholic before:D And he is right, but God knows we tried.)

The Anglican Church is such a mixed bag that you can’t define it. It is like nailing Jell-o to a tree, if you will pardon an old cliche. There are Anglicans who really do feel that they are Catholic, too, and Anglicans who are simply members of an ecclesial supper club. Then there are many many Anglicans in between the two.

I do not dislike Anglicans in any way, but I have no respect for the American Church or 815. Sorry any American Anglicans reading this.


I’m an American Anglican, who has no respect for the American Church, or 815. Or any contact with them, either.


Anglicanus Catholicus, posterus traditus Anglicanus


Catholics, as well as Congregational Methodists, do not believe in women priests or pastors. It is contrary to the Bible.

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