Anglicans and Confession


Do Anglicans/Church of England have confession like the way the Catholics do?

If so, does the Anglican Priest/Minister say “I absolve you of your sins” like the way the Catholic priest does?


I know some do - there’s a High Anglican church nearby that advertises confession (although it’s by appointment, not at a scheduled time). I don’t know how the process works though.


One-on-one auricular confession for an Anglican works just as it does for a Roman Catholic. It’s the same process, for the same reason.

(N. B. Yes, I know what* Apostolicae Curae *says, and what it implies).



Anglicans do have what Catholics call “Auricular Confession” for those who may need extra assurance and “cure for their souls” if they have issues with sin or difficulty. That being said for most Anglicans the weekly liturgy provides for general confession as does the daily offices of Morning and Evening prayer. Also from and Anglican view if a Christian sins we go to God directly and ask His forgiveness in Christ’s name. As far as “Auricular Confession” goes and its necessity the Anglican view I feel is the best and that is “Some should, none must, all may.”


The Anglican liturgy provdes for both general confession, and absolution, in the Mass. Just for those who might not know.


Anglicanus Catholicus


HERE is the BCP Reconciliation.

You have to ask for it and make a speical appointment. The priest isn’t sitting there every Saturday waiting for people to come by, or anything like that.


Depends on the parish. One in my area has regular times for confession. But I doubt the priest waits around long, if no one shows. Except among the most Anglo-Catholic Anglicans, auricular confession is by exception.


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