Anglicans and Eucharistic Adoration

Just curious if any Anglican Churches of the members here have Eucharistic Adoration, or if any Anglicans go to the local RCC for Adoration?

Depends on the priest, in my parish. The previous one had Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The current one does not. It is likely a feel for the parish at a given time. All Anglo-Catholics are not formed by cookie cutters. Slightly motley tone to we’uns, sometime.


The first time I ever heard of Eucharistic Adoration was when I joined the RCC. However, I was Anglican for a very short time before I converted and the Anglican church had just split from the Episcopal church so they were just getting started. They might have it now.

Just for the record many Catholic churches don’t even have it. I never even heard of it until about 2 years ago and I’ve been Catholic all my life and went to Catholic schools. The parish I grew up in has an adoration chapel but I don’t ever recall being taught about it.

I think the church I attended when I first converted only had it one day a week for a few hours. The church I attend now has perpetual adoration.

I’ve not heard of it at Anglican Parishes in my area, but several RCC’s in this area have chapels which are usually open 24/7 or as close as they can keep it open. I will occasionally stop by one for a bit of prayer.

My part of London is very high Anglican and most parishes have it weekly either before mass or after as Benediction. It also appears (usually monthly) as a fully choral Benedition after Choral Evensong.

My own catholic parish has sung Benediction after evening mass every Thursday.

Certainly not in our parish.

I asked my Anglican grandma if her church had it and she didn’t know what I was talking about. :shrug:

In four posts, observe the variance in Anglicanism.


I’ve only been in one parish that had it, and that was only occasional (mostly on Holy Thursday, but sometimes on other occasions as well). However, all Episcopal parishes I’ve attended had the Sacrament reserved in the Tabernacle.


We have it every Wednesday at my Episcopalian parish. I really appreciate adoration and go when I have the chance. We have it once a year, during Holy Week at the Catholic parish I attend with my wife, and I usually go there as well.

We certainly don’t do that in our parish, and it is prohibited by the Anglican formulaires. We make an exception for delivering the sacrament to the sick only. The Black Rubric appended to the Prayer Book communion service describes worshipping and adoration of the consecrated elements as “idolatry”.

Practice does seem to differ between different Diocese in England. I myself have been to service where the Bishop of London gave Benediction after High Mass, and I would struggle to identify a single Anglican parish near me where the sacrament is not reserved (albeit in an Aumbry rather than a Tabernacle). The altars of repose they do on Maundy Thursday put many Catholic parishes to shame.

I just found this interesting article:

Fr Jonathan’s blog is excellent. I highly recommend it. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I love the man and his blog.

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