Anglicans and Lent

I wanted to find out some practices or things our Anglican friends will be doing this coming Lent?

Well, in the UK they tend to do rather a lot. Most churches produce a Lent Programme which outlines how people are expected to prepare for Holy Week. Liturgically, they will prepare in the same way as us - no Gloria or Alleluia, purple vestmemts, and some churches cover their statues. The churches near me also have additional services, most commonly a Holy hour after mass which might include a frugal lenten supper of soup and cheese, benediction, or discussion of a lenten book. Anglo-Catholic churches (and now some Cathedrals) will also have sung stations of the cross on Fridays. They also encourage almsgiving to charities from any monies saved through self-denial.

The other point to mention is that there are two days of relief - Laetare Sunday in the UK is celebrated as Mothering Sunday (Not the Americanism of Mother’s Day) where posies are handed out by children to their mothers at Church. Also, the Feast of the Annunciation is still a principal feast and celebrated with a sung Eucharist, and beautiful Marian hymns.

Mutatis mutandis, what he said, on this side of the water. Shrove Tuesday pancake supper, recited Stations, imposition of Ashes, stripping of the altar on Maundy Thursday, etc. And most will give up something for Lent. I usually stop buying/reading fiction.


I am not Anglican though my Synod is in full communion with Episcopalians. The same Lenten customs already identified also apply to Lutherans though Lenten Vespers followed by or preceded by a soup meal is also common.

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